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Dude, sweet!  It’s two all-new pinball tables based on South Park!!  “South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball” and “South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game”  will be available this weekon PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms!





South Park: Super Sweet Pinball
Team up with Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny in this ultimate South Park pinball experience! Let your balls fly with classic South Park moments and characters…even ManBearPig.  We’re super cereal.


South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game!
Hey fellas!  It’s Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game!  Join your favorite 4th-grader in this epic pinball adventure. Take on the Coon & Friends as Professor Chaos, steal the Future Telling Device from the girls, and save Imaginationland as the Chosen One!



Release dates and pricing:



Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4 & Vita: Two-table pack, October 14th in North America for $4.99, and €4,99/£3.99 in Europe on October 15th


Zen Pinball 2 for Mac: Individual tables, $2.99/€2,69/£1.99, October 15th


Pinball FX2 for Steam & Xbox 360: Two-table pack, $4.99/€4,99/£3.99, October 15th


Pinball FX2 for Xbox One: Two-table pack, $4.99/€4,99/£3.99, October 16th


Zen Pinball for iOS: $3.99/€3,59/£2.49 for the standalone app and $1.99/€1,79/£1.49 for individual tables through the Zen Pinball app, October 16th


Zen Pinball HD for Android & Amazon: $3.99/€3,59/£2.49 for the standalone app and $1.99/€1,79/£1.49 for individual tables through the Zen Pinball app, October 16th




PSN players, don’t forget – purchase the table pack on PS3 or Vita first, then import to PS4 to enjoy on all 3 platforms. Xbox players, please purchase on Xbox 360 first, then import to Xbox One to enjoy on both systems. See you on the leaderboards, dude!









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CastleStorm: Definitive Edition will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this week! This new version of our hit action-strategy-tower defense game brings some new features to the fold, as well as both DLC packs, “From Outcast to Savior” and “Warrior Queen”. It also includes 1080p resolution on both PS4 and Xbox One, improved textures and character models.







If you haven’t played CastleStorm yet, then you are in for a real treat! CastleStorm: Definitive Edition serves up a hilarious mix of medieval warfare, 2D physics-based destruction, and tower defense, with some melee brawler action thrown in! It also features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, online multiplayer, co-op modes, and more. This version of the game will feature the entire original campaign and expansions, plus new content including new battles, modes, and spells. We have a brand new trailer to celebrate the release of CastleStorm: Definitive Edition, check it out! 




CastleStorm: Definitive Edition launches on PlayStation 4 in North America on September 23rd and in Europe on September 24th on PS4 for $14.99/€14,99/£14.99, and also on Xbox One on September 24th for $14.99/€14,99/£11.99.


Edit: This post previously listed the price of CastleStorm: Definitive Edition incorrectly. This pricing was listed in error, and the game is priced as stated above. Zen Studios would like to apologize for the mistake and any confusion this may have caused.








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kickbeat logo

Put on your kung-fu fighting shoes, because KickBeat – Special Edition is launching on Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4! The latest version of our kung-fu/rhythm hybrid will hit PSN on PlayStation 4 in North America on September 16th, PS4 for Europe on September 17th, and Nintendo Wii U on September 18th. KickBeat combines kung-fu action, intuitive rhythm-based gameplay, and a pounding soundtrack for a rockin’ experience.





The soundtrack features tracks from a diverse lineup of artists:



• Pendulum – Self vs. Self, Propane Nightmares (Celldweller Remix)
• Celldweller – Switchback, I Can’t Wait
• Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
• Shen Yi – War Dance
• POD – Boom
• Papa Roach – Last Resort
• Blue Stahli – Takedown, Scrape, Ultranumb
• Southpaw Swagger – It’s Showtime
• Pre-Fight Hype – It’s Goin Down
• Voicians – Fighters, The Construct
• Rob Zombie – Scum of the Earth
• Styles Beyond – Nine Thou
• Pre-Fight Hype & Southpaw Swagger – Tug-O-War
• enV – Destination, RPM, Vee, Shakestopper, OCP, Bloom


KickBeat – Special Edition offers up a full-length single-player campaign, beautifully hand-drawn animations and a strikingly unique art style for just $9.99/€9,99/£7.99.


Update: KickBeat – Special Edition will come to Xbox One on September 26th!








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The reviews are in! Lots of people are saying great things about our latest pinball project, The Walking Dead Pinball!


Cinema Blend – 4.5/5 – “If you enjoyed the first season of The Walking Dead from Telltale games, you’ll likely get an extra big kick out of this new table Zen Studios has to offer. It’s clear that they understand what made that original series work, and they’ve done an admirable job of plugging those concepts into a completely unexpected setting.”


Arcade Sushi – 8.5/10 – “It’s a weird mashup, taking the super-emotional narrative of that game and putting it onto a pinball table, but Zen Studio’s take on the zombie-fest is actually a ton of fun that somehow implements the Telltale pedigree choice-based gameplay onto a pinball table. I’m still not completely sure how this seems to work, but I can’t stop playing it over and over.”


Modojo – 4.5/5 – “…if you’ve been looking to scratch that special The Walking Dead itch, this game of pinball channels the fantastic adventure games in the best ways.”


Joystiq – “Despite its non-linear nature – pinball rarely adheres to a structured narrative – the table does a solid job of using skill shots and careful ball management to retell key story moments from the first season of Telltale’s beloved The Walking Dead.”


Destructoid – “Everything we loved about The Walking Dead is presented again through a pinball table, and, with pinball and Walking Dead being two of my favorite things, it’s a dream come true for me that something like this even exists.”


Shack News – “The Walking Dead is a fine representation of how to do a franchise right in another play style, and Zen Studios nailed down the theme perfectly…If it keeps up on a hot streak like this, everyone will want them to design their tables. As they should.”


148Apps – 4/5 – “…this just another example of why Zen is the modern master of virtual pinball.”


Gaming Nexus – 9.5/10 – “Every aspect of this table captures the essence and spirit of Telltale’s adventures.”


You can now download the highly anticipated pinball table based on The Walking Dead by Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Mac, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android, iOS and Amazon! Specific release dates are as follows:


Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4 & Vita: August 26th  (North America), August 27th (Europe)
Zen Pinball 2 on MacAugust 27th
Pinball FX2 for SteamXbox 360August 27th
Pinball FX2 for Xbox One: August 28th (Please see FAQ for import details) 
Zen Pinball 2 for Wii U: August 28th

Zen Pinball for iOSAugust 27th
Zen Pinball for Android, & Amazon: August 28th



Featuring voice work from the cast of first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead as well as art assets from the game, you’ll relive key moments and make choices throughout each of Season One’s five episodes. With recognizable locations from Clementine’s treehouse and Everett’s pharmacy in Macon down to the walker-infested streets of Savannah, this new table brings the excitement and suspense that you loved in the original adventure game. To celebrate today’s release, we’ve created a launch trailer highlighting the table’s exciting gameplay, so check it out!



Reminder: As with all Zen Pinball 2 content, be sure to purchase the table on PS3 or PS Vita first, then import to PS4 if you’d like to play on multiple platforms! See you on the leaderboards!








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Soon, we’ll be adding more tables to Zen Pinball 2 for Nintendo Wii U! On August 28th, we’ll be updating the game to include the following tables:


Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy pinball brings all five members of the galaxy’s greatest crew of warriors to their pinball universe as they combat Ronan the Accuser. Beginning with a four-ball multiball as players escape the Kyln, the Guardians of the Galaxy pinball table starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up. The table showcases the individual strengths of each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, including Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, and the group’s wild card, Rocket Raccoon, as well as landmark battles from the comics and film, including fights against Yondu and the Ravagers, Nebula, and Ronan himself.



Deadpool: Featuring the supreme voice talents of the one and only Nolan North as Marvel’s notorious character, Deadpool, this table captures the acerbic, fourth wall-crushing attitude of the character as well as feature supporting characters from his universe, including Blind Al, Weasel, and Lil’ Deadpool.  Deadpool’s pinball debut features a dynamic table that will switch at his whim, quick-time events, a “Blind Mode” courtesy of Blind Al in which only the ball, flippers and target lanes are visible, and even a mode where the player can help Deadpool take down some of his most nefarious enemies: raging comic book fans!




Doctor Strange: Adapted from 50 years of Marvel’s Doctor Strange comic books, the greatest powers of the occult, both from our own world and the darkest dimensions in existence, are combining their forces to take over Earth. And only one man can stop them — Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme! With the help of the beautiful Clea and his faithful servant Wong, the Master of the Mystic Arts faces his greatest challenge ever in Doctor Strange pinball. 




The Walking Dead: Zen Studios, Telltale Games, Robert Kirkman and Skybound have worked together on each detail of the table design, sharing ideas and fusing their passion to bring the story and choice-driven gameplay of The Walking Dead: Season One journey to the playfield. Touring locations from Clementine’s treehouse and Everett’s pharmacy in Macon, all the way down the tracks to the walker-infested streets of Savannah, players will find an authentic tour of Season One capturing the peril and drama of Lee and Clementine’s story.



These four new tables will be available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop for just $2.99/€2,99/£2.49 each on August 28th. Demos for each table will also be available for download so that players can try before they buy.


Happy flipping!