Marvel Pinball 3D Coming to the Nintendo 3DS


We are so proud to announce Marvel Pinball 3D on Nintendo 3DS for the Nintendo eShop! This standalone game will feature four fan favorites: Iron Man, Captain America, Blade and Fantastic Four, each in 3D! Marvel Pinball 3D will release this summer for $7.99 in North America and €7.00 in Europe.




Marvel Pinball 3D Table Lineup:


  • See the billionaire-turned-superhero, Tony Stark in action on the Iron Man table! Help The Invincible Iron Man win the fight against his infamous archenemy, Mandarin.
  • Deacon Frost is back! Join Blade and Hannibal in New York to fight off the undead in this vampire laden table. Special lighting effects show the passing of time, so be sure to regenerate during the day in order to prepare for the battles after dark.
  • Rally the troops and prepare to help Captain America and the Howling Commandos wage war against Baron Zemo and Red Skull as you fight to control the power of the Cosmic Cube.
  • Take on Dr. Doom alongside the superhero group, Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch are extra fantastic in the beautiful 3D!

Marvel Pinball 3D will have scoring features such as online leaderboards, local hot seat multiplayer, Hero Score and Team Force, as well as rewards for completing missions on each table.


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One Response to Marvel Pinball 3D Coming to the Nintendo 3DS

  1. ShoryukenToTheChin says:

    Awesome, I know alot of people who will be absolutely full of joy when they see this news ;)

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