Pinball FX2 is Now Available for Windows 8

Pinball FX2 for Windows 8 is now available and will include our Mars table as a free download!

Our Pinball Fx2 library includes:


Sorcerer’s Lair

Epic Quest

Earth Defense


Secrets of the Deep





Iron Man


Fantastic Four

Captain America


The Infinity Gauntlet

World War Hulk

Fear Itself

Marvel’s The Avengers


Each table is available as standalone DLC for $2.99. We plan to support Pinball FX2 with new DLC regularly, so check back here for news on upcoming content!


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93 Responses to Pinball FX2 is Now Available for Windows 8

  1. TonkaJoeRadical says:

    This is only for windows 8? I would love to have this on Windows 7!!

    • Fabio says:

      Yes, I’d also like to know if Pinball FX2 is available to Windows 7.

      • BarbieBobomb says:

        It isn’t currently available, but we did originally have plans to publish on Windows 7, but I don’t know if/when that will happen.

    • John says:

      Yeah, you guys lost a lot of money not making this for Windows 7. The Windows 8 product is a fail right now.

      • Moi says:

        exactly.. I ain’t using that piece of junk windows 8.

        Thank god Pinball Arcade will eventually come..

      • Jason says:

        How is Windows 8 a fail right or a piece of junk? I’ve been using it since it got released a few weeks ago and have been loving it. The Store is rapidly growing everyday and integrates with my Xbox and Phone really nicely too. :) Maybe you should actually give it a try and learn how to use it before making false statements like that unless you have some valid reasons based on your own experience.

        • Jerad Young says:

          I totaly agree with you.I upgraded all my pc’s to win8 when they were offering the 40 dollar upgrade and have been nothing but in love with this OS.Not one single problem.People are ignoant.

  2. DeadMan3290 says:

    so, i see pictures for things like tesla and other ps3 exclusives. does this mean we can expect tables like rome, biolab, etc. on the ps3? us zp loyals are still really looking forward to these tables!

  3. Bearded_Warrior says:

    Wait, so Fantastic Four is ready for this but not ZP2? What gives?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      There’s more we want to include in the PS3/Vita update than just Fantastic Four. It’s very expensive to update, so we’re trying to get as much in as we can.

  4. Cloda says:

    I have all these tables for FX 2 so not really interested to buy them again for Windows 8 (first have to get Windows 8 as well!). What would spur me on is if those tables that also appear in the picture above such as Tesla that are not on XBOX are released for Windows 8. Can we expect them soon?

  5. Rory says:

    Any plans on improving the performance on Win RT/Surface? The framerate on the Surface is rather poor.

  6. Brad Grenz says:

    Any chance of PS3/Vita style cross buy where paying for tables on 360 will unlock them for Windows as well (and vice versa)?

  7. crosswise says:

    I would love a cross buy with ps3-tables, as I own them all :-) Unfortunately this will never happen, so I have to buy this all again! gnah…

  8. mf666 says:

    Why is ZEN PINBALL 2 not working on Galaxy Note ?

  9. Theo says:

    Sorry but the Pinball FX2 from the Windows app store doesn’ t work in Windows8. When you find the tile there is a green XBOX logo at the upper site of the tile, so it’s an app for Xbox and i can’t find another Pinball FX2 app in the store so i downloaded it but it won’ t open when i like to start it from My Windows8 startplace?

  10. Marcos says:

    How to download these tables?

  11. e2pzangel says:

    download other tables is impossible !!!!

  12. willshoe says:

    Granted while I like the Idea of Pinball FX 2 on Windows 8 but trying to link Xbox with Windows 8 adding more confusion like Xbox Windows and Xbox Arcade. I have discovered that the link between the 2 is just convenience at looking at your scores plus they are not shared with the Real Xbox Scores and vice versa. I was hoping that once you bought the Xbox Download arcade of the Game it would be applied to your Windows 8 Live account which is all tied together. Even with all this coming together with Xbox, Windows 8 Surface and so on you are still going to have to deal with buying the same games multiple times if you have an Xbox version. I would have expected at least a discount on a re purchase of the same Game but not even that is being offered at all and yet they have your Gamer ID info to confirm you already own it. So from what I have found so far from Microsoft is that they left it up to the Developers and publishers if they are going to be that loyal or generous to its existing customer base and so the Bridge between Windows 8 and Xbox is not much of a bridge being left in the hands of the developers and has already started on a fragile build already. Please remove the Xbox reference from the Windows 8 store on your Windows 8 version of the Game as this will continue to cause confusion. Granted I have confirmed a few other publishers that will be doing the buy once concept in the XBOX/Window 8 store bringing forth a true bridge but again it is up to the publishers/developers so the confusion will continue of course. So much for the Windows 8 can play XBOX Games concept when it really is just another port from Xbox but putting the Xbox Label on it in Windows 8. Well at least My Xbox Music, Xbox Videos and Xbox Movie purchases are all together and tied in with Windows 8 without having to re purchase them all over again and it would seem that Zen Studios will be charging you again if you own the XBOX XBOX version to the XBOX windows Version. Just call it Windows 8 version and get rid of the XBOX logo please. Come on Zen at least offer a discount for previous owners…

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience, but at this time, cross-play is not available to us. As soon as this becomes an option for us, we will embrace it just like we did with the cross-play feature with PS3 and Vita.

  13. ivan says:

    I cannot download any new tables for Pinball fx2 Windows 8. I see no “other” tables in my collection, just blank tiles.

    When I try to buy them over an xbox store, I get a rejection message that I cannot temporary connect to the server, possibly due to location mismatch. And that just isn’t the case – the location on my computer AND location that I used for xbox user creation is the same! Very very frustrating, microsoft made very lame location lock that just doesn’t work well.

    • ivan says:

      What’s worse, I just checked my credit card account and noticed that Microsoft charged me 0,89 euros twice for no reason, for just trying to buy your tables – I gave them almost 2 euros, I could buy another Pinball table!
      I deleted my account and unfortunately won’t try to buy anything from xbox store again. I like your Pinball very much but heavily dislike M$.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Location lock? Do you mean it is region locked? Where are you located?

  14. ivan says:

    I don’t know. It didn’t say it was locked, it didn’t say anything except that I couldn’t connect to the servers due to an error. When I tried to see that error code on the internet for an explanation, they said there was a strong possibility that my location and location where I created my xbox account didn’t match. They are however, identical.
    And as I said, I don’t see any tables in “my collection” except Mars that came with W8. Other tiles are empty even though I’m connected to my xbox account. I’m from Serbia.

    • Solitude says:

      Try going to the Games tile in Windows 8, then selecting Pinball FX2 from the Game Activity or any other section. A pop-up should appear with a couple options: Play and Explore game. Select Explore game and take a look at the game extras/add-ons. It should give the option to “Buy extra” once you’ve clicked on one of the add-on tables.

      If that doesn’t allow you to buy a table, you’ll need to talk to Microsoft’s customer support.

      • ivan says:

        That’s exactly what I did Solitude. There weren’t any other way for me to buy tables except clicking on extras/add-ons in Explore game. However xbox store was rejecting me several times due to strange server errors but charged me two times with 0.89euros.

        I gave up, I hope your Pinball will see the light of the day on Steam and not on this Xbox crap. But thanks anyway for trying to assist me here, I appreciated it.

  15. Amido says:

    The game has removed from Windows store or xbox windows store app? no results on search or on microsoft store link.

  16. Casey says:

    Heya… bought the sorcerers lair table. When i try to download it it gets to 100% then says internet connection failed try again. Tried repeatedly. I’ve disabled the firewall still no go. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game. No go. What gives?

  17. Dmilovski says:

    I installed win8 today and when I saw zen’s fx pinballs I freaked out I have every single one for my ipad. Tried to play at least one and no luck. Every message says “sign in to xbox live” and I don’t even see an option how to do that exept bottom right corner where I tried and “jams” with the music still continues but nothing else. I’ll appreciate any help!!!

  18. Chris says:

    So on Windows 8 I cannot see any option to trial a table before purchase. I spent 2 hours with various MS support departments before I managed to get a refund for a table I didn’t like.

    How do we try the tables before purchase?


  19. Dieter says:

    Another request for cross platform support, where I don’t have to buy the tables again.

    Or, if that isn’t supported directly, how about an online request form where you can send me a code to my xbox account to allow me to get the win8 tables for free (or at a discount)? I’d love to be able to play on my win8 system, I just dont want to pay for all the tables again.

  20. Vandrey Trindade says:

    Why we can’t get some previews of the tables that Zen Studios wants to sell for us?
    I’m supposed to Google every table you offer me?

    I want to buy more tables, but wanted some kind of “test drive” first.
    And what about some reduction of the value of the tables? U$ 2,99 is expensive for each table is expensive.
    U$ 47,84 for all tables, so I’ll have to spend R$ 95,68 (Reais – Brazil) for all tables?

    Kind of weird Zen expecting us to spend all that money in tables that we don’t know nothing about, right?

  21. mark says:

    This actually works pretty well in my pinball cabinet I built. Playing pinball fx2 full screen in a pinball cabinet is a great experience. Keep bringing out all the tables. I’ll buy them all.

  22. Simon says:

    shame these are not cross buy with what i already own on my xbox 360.The ps3 and vita version of zen pinball 2 was great as a cross buy platform i bought every single table for the system,i can’t really justify the spend on windows 8 however much i love fx/zen.

  23. Patrick says:

    If I purchased the tables for Xbox 360 do I get them for Windows 8 when I log in using my xbox live account?

    Thanks in advance.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately that is not possible at this point, but if that option ever becomes available to us, we’ll happily do it! :)

  24. Sergey says:

    I own zen pinball Hd and have purchased every table. I have recently purchased windows 8 and downloaded pinball Fx2.

    Do I need to purchase all the tables again? or is there some way to get credits for the tables I already purchased.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately there’s no way for us to do cross play between 2 separate platforms owned by different companies, sorry!

  25. Neto says:

    Simply, disgusting! I wanna install and play Sorcerer’s Lair table on my Pinball FX2 Win8 Pro Brazil – Portuguese, like in first release of Win8!!!!

  26. merugu sai charan says:

    It’s good of microsoft to introduce this game in win8. All get win8 and enjoy the great playing experience.

  27. xamelforingo says:

    I have win 7 so i cannot play this pinball?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’re just on Win8 for now– but if/when we release other PC versions, I’ll be sure to let everyone know! :)

  28. michael says:

    we need this game on windows 7. gamers who game on pc know windows 7 is the preferred choice. cone on, steam, windows 7 support, makes sense it’ll sell well… I had this game for ps3 but hardly use my os3 anymore, so would love to get this on pc…. steam greenlight would be excellent for you to test if the game will sell on windows 7 and steam…

    shame, really puzzled as,to why you’ve made this windows 8 only.

  29. madhatter says:

    I am shocked and appalled that this game is Win 8 only. To the devs/pubs, you’re losing about 80+ percent of the total PC gaming market by signing exclusivity nonsense with Microsoft.

    If this game was put out on Steam, using Steamworks, and had support for Steam Workshop, you could say hello to probably a million copies sold. Guess you guys don’t like money?

  30. ivansword says:

    i purchased the zen tables on my win 8 laptop and i cant download them, every time i try a window flashes up and closes, have restarted, cleared temp, all to no avail. i bought the star was tables a few hours later, and have no trouble, how do i download the tables, even though the others DL fine? odd… to say the least….

  31. Andy pants says:

    Any chance of adding an option to put the back glass and DMD on a second monitor when rotating the play field and playing fullscreen on another?

    These tables are running beautifully on my pincab, but I’d love to see the back glass and DMD up on the second screen.

    Love your work!

  32. Harmik says:

    Hello are the Star Wars tables new there not on the list above. Also It seems that they are a collection that’s fine but it dose not give the option to try is that right or am I missing something.

    Also it dose not or I cannot seem to find a price, when I click on it just has an option to buy but dose not say how much it is.

    Thank You

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’re currently working with Microsoft to resolve the issues with purchasing the Star Wars tables on Windows 8 – we hope to have this resolved soon, keep an eye out for an update.

      • Harmik says:

        Thank You and thanks for supporting Windows 8 I love it I stay in desktop most of the time and that’s still better than windows 7.

        I have been using MS stuff for a long time and have seen this all before don’t want Win 95 Dos is better, Don’t want XP 95 is better, don’t want Vista XP is better well sets skip that one :), I still get people saying they don’t want 7 and want XP.

        I sell PC’s so I hear it every day.

  33. tony says:

    lol no windows 7 version that is pretty funny

  34. Cappie Smith says:

    I have the Windows 8, but no XBox. I am STILL unclear whether I can get other tables than Mars for Windows 8 or not. It sure SHOWS that there is more tables to be had.

  35. Jon Stiles says:

    Very disappointed that I purchased tables with my Microsoft account for Windows 8 and then finding them not available on Xbox 360. I will not be repurchasing tables or for that matter purchasing any more tables unless crossplay is made available for Microsoft products.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We do cross buy whenever we can, currently the only platforms that support it is PS3 & PS Vita. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  36. mert can says:

    why these tables come not pc or ps3 ? is ony for xbox ? i condemn zen studios .

    Nightmare mansion
    rocky bullwinkle
    ms splosion man
    speed machine

  37. mert can says:

    i buy pinball fx2 on steam writed pinball fx 2 core pack but tehese tables is missing shame on you zen pinball .

    Nightmare mansion
    rocky bullwinkle
    ms splosion man
    speed machine

  38. Mike says:

    I bought the avengers table but whenever I try to play it, the app crashes and I have to restart it. Can you help me fix this or refund my $2.99?


  39. Phil says:

    I have all the tables for Xbox and understand if I want them on w8 I need to pay again. Any chance of some sort of season pass to incorporate all the W8 tables. Love the game on Xbox (6 achievements to go) but can’t really justify the outlay for all the individual tables.

  40. micha says:

    Any chance that missing tables like plant vs zombies will be published for the Windows 8 version of pinball fx 2?

  41. Time299 says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I have windows 7 and have been playing Pinball FX2 for a long time using Seam. I believe if you use the steam version you can pay on windows 7 or windows 8 and It has allot more tables available to boot.

  42. philip says:

    I understand that PinballFX2 is a free download. I can’t seem to find where to add it to my apps in Xbox. I have Windows 8.1. Please send me instructions. Thank You.

  43. Mikro says:

    What Happen there was an update and My tables vanished on windows 8.1 build also had pinball fx up on windows 10 tp I lost 30 bucks worth of content this sucks

  44. pat says:

    how do I play this offline.? I purchased the unlock on the windows store and I still have to be connected to the internet to play. Is this even possible?

  45. jhawk says:

    I love this game i downloaded the free version on my new pc with win 8.1. I have been trying to purchase the Starwars Pinball FX from the Microsoft site for the last 2 days, seriously, 2 days over 7 hours clock time. I paid twice with no success from anyone at MS and had to ask for a refund. Please tell me how to purchase and where. I had knee surgery a few weeks ago and this is one of the only things I can do for now. Please help.

    Thanks in advance,

  46. jhawk says:

    Any idea when Starwars FX will be available again on the windows store?

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