Zen Classics are now available for Pinball FX2!

Tesla, Eldorado, Shaman and V12 are now available for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade! Each table in this 4-pack has been re-mastered with upgraded graphics and physics, and is available as DLC for Pinball FX2 for 800 MSP. Download Now!


Zen Classics tables:


Conduct dangerous experiments and uncover the mysteries of the brilliant turn-of-the-century scientist in Tesla. Guide the silver ball to emit electromagnetic waves and activate electric arcs that provide life to the genius inventions that power the world we enjoy today.


Experience life as a novice witch doctor who must master the trade of summoning spectacular phenomena in Shaman. Maneuver the silver ball through treacherous spin discs, ramp jumps, challenging missions, and crazy playfield toys! Harness the power of the supernatural and prove you are the true Shaman.


The treasures of Eldorado have long been buried in the depths of dangerous jungles in ancient Mayan lands. Journey though the perils of the ancient ruins, activate Mayan technology to unlock puzzles, and avoid deadly traps during the hunt for hidden treasures that will make you rich beyond your wildest imagination.


Tune your engines for maximum performance in V12, a pinball table for automotive gearheads! Upgrade parts and create the perfect driving machine as you turbo charge your way around the ramps. This table is built for those who live life without limits, so max the nitro tank and be the first to cross the finish line!


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20 Responses to Zen Classics are now available for Pinball FX2!

  1. ShoryukenToTheChin says:

    Have to say this is a welcomed surprise, im over the Moon.. gotta thank Zen for the early Christmas present ;)


  2. Yaniv Levin says:

    Great news! and an awesome addition to the Pinball FX2 library!

  3. BarbieBobomb says:

    Thanks guys! We know the XBLA crowd has been asking for this for a long time, we hope you enjoy it :)

  4. odschweizer says:

    Dann habe ich 37 Tische auf meiner 360 und 10 auf meinem 4s

  5. Steve says:

    All I can say is……… It’s about time……. Thank you

  6. KnoxSe7eN says:

    Really excited about this. I have wanted to play these tables for a long time now. Zen Studios doesn’t disappoint ^_^

  7. XAlucarDraculAx says:

    Wow Thank-You Zen Team This Will Be a Very Merry Christmas Hope2 See You Guys&Gals on the Tables

  8. Pinball Gnome says:

    Cool. I enjoyed these tables on the PS3. Will the achievements be the same as the trophies in the PSN version?

  9. Ethan Kerr says:

    Woohoo! That is a wonderful Christmas present! :D

  10. Cloda says:

    Great news guys! I have been hoping for this for a long time. Now there is something fresh to play for the holiday season.

  11. ELVIS NL says:

    finally. almost bought a ps3 . only for those tables to play. you saved me a lot of money. i can adjust my wishlist for santa.

  12. drunkninja says:

    Any ETA on these for PC?

  13. Javier Ortiz says:

    It is impossible to buy any table through the App in my new Macbook Air.

    The App dowloaded in the PSN Store does not respond as quick as the keyboard from my macboock… I prefer the Mac version, but, I cannot buy any table on the Appstore through the application. It returns the same error. Cannot buy the table. Unknown Error.

    I have been waiting for a solution for 3 months…. Will you fix it? Why you have an App that will not allow users to download and BUY additional tables?

  14. Joe says:

    First of all I will tell you that ,I love pin ball ,the first one you put out was was awsome,then you start going doun hill,the other games you have created ,are not worth the 1.99 i paid for them,and now there no refunds, you guys have lost your creative touch,these games you are rapidly produceing are not any good ,I know i paid for them,I am highly disappointed,please find your creativity,and start producing great games,dont worry about how much money you can make,if you produce a great Pin Ball game ,people will buy it, but aas for now,I am playing pinball games ,from your competition, there more realistic,and creative

  15. droplights3 says:

    When will you bring the pinball FX classic tables like treasures of the deep, Rome, Agents, Ms Spolsion man to Zen pinball 2? I’d love to have those tables for my ps3 and vita! you did the same for zen pinball classics to pinball FX 2 so why not try this one?

    You make awesome pinball games just as fantastic as the Pro Pinball franchise and i’m a big fan of that series!

  16. LiquidTension says:

    I would really love the pinball fx 2 tables for zen pinball 2! I only have a ps3 but the fx tables look really cool, especially rome. I hope you guys make this decision in the future.

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