CastleStorm comes to XBLA on May 29th!

We are so excited to announce that our super genre mashup CastleStorm will release on Xbox LIVE® Arcade on May 29th for 800 MSP!




Inspired by the fond childhood memory of building and destroying Lego castles, CastleStorm mixes things up with 2D physics destruction blended with tower defense brawler and a comical story, allowing players to control their offenses and defenses in real time over a 12-level single player campaign as well as multiple co-op and multiplayer modes.


CastleStorm is all about customization! The game features a dynamic castle editor allowing players to construct their own castles which can be used during gameplay, including multiplayer battles! Be sure to check out the official CastleStorm website and our many blog posts outlining the characters and weapons of our latest game!


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