Have you been enjoying the CastleStorm soundtrack? We had such a great time working with Waterflame on the soundtrack, so we asked him to share some info about his influences and other projects.


The soundtrack is available to stream on YouTube, or download via Bandcamp. Be sure to like Waterflame on Facebook!


How long have you been a composer?


I started working with music around the age of 14, but just as a hobby. I later got a reputation after posting my music free online for some years, and started working as a freelance composer around the age of 18. So I guess you could say 6 years in the business.


Who has been your biggest influence on your musical style?


Hideki Naganuma, David Wise and the band Hybrid are some of my biggest influences, but I generally take inspiration from video-game soundtracks.


What made you decide to create soundtracks for video games, are you a gamer yourself?


I have always loved video-game music, and wanted to make my own ever since I heard the soundtrack from Dynamite Headdy for Sega Genesis. And yes, I am also gamer myself. I have been playing video-games since I was 6 years old, and it’s still a hobby of mine. I feel the music in video-games is really important and bring a lot of atmosphere, and I have always found it fascinating how it is normally dictated by the mood of the stage / area / situation rather than to accompany a song-text.


What other games have you composed soundtracks for besides CastleStorm?


If we only take into consideration the games I have specifically composed music for, that did not just use my previous made work; Castle Crashers, Kawairun 1 & 2, and Uberpong, to name a few.

Tell us a little about the process of making a soundtrack—does the developer usually outline what they envision for the game or do you just play the game and let that guide you?



It is different every time, some have a strict vision they follow and want me to get as close to the vision as possible, others give me more free range and insight in the production. I usually get screenshots, video-clips and some sort of explanation of the situation or level, and I try my best to imagine it put to life. I usually get a good feel for it and start making something that would fit the theme.

I always think about what people associate things with, for instance, if I made music for a western themed stage I would take that era’s instruments and feel into consideration, along with the mood of the game at that point. I usually make 1-2 “music sketches” before I really start working on a track.

What was the biggest challenge in creating the soundtrack for CastleStorm?



That would be making every song different form each other, yet keeping the same instrumentation and feel of the soundtrack. Simply put making it different, yet the same.


It was also a challenge to bring out so many different melodies, I really wanted the music to be something that fit the cartoony and upbeat vibe of the game that you would remembered after playing it.