Free Pinball FX2 Table Available on Steam

Zen Studios is happy to provide Sorcerer’s Lair absolutely free for all Steam users. This table will be free forever – no timed free play session, no ads, no gimmicks. YAAAAAAAAAAAY PINBALL!


Simply download the Pinball FX2 platform on Steam, then download Sorcerer’s Lair and start playing.


Additionally, the Paranormal, Fantastic Four and Marvel Civil War tables are available for download for $2.99. There are more tables coming very soon from our extensive library, as well as new features and continued product support.




Zen Studios


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38 Responses to Free Pinball FX2 Table Available on Steam

  1. KaZAamM says:

    I love PinballFX2!! Hands down the best Pinball simulator I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Now that you have included Sorcerer’s Lair as free, (a game that I would have bought regardless of the fact that you have it for free now) simply tells me that you are a fantastic company that I will support by purchasing every single table you create.

    Great company, great artists, great physics, great tables… what can I say more than that?

    I love Zen Studios. Hope you bring Castlestorm to Steam as well! I’ll be the first one to pre-order the game if and when it becomes available.

    Best wishes for the future.

  2. Alfred Bonnabel says:

    Will there be any sales for the Windows 8 version of Pinball FX2 as well or only the Steam version?

  3. KaZAamM says:

    I’m kind of disappointed that I was banned from Steam forums.

    After all is said and done, the thread where the battle ensued to its final outcome achieved its purpose that altered the brief status away from which PinballFX2 adopted in error.

    In my vast experience with debates, if I take on a complex situation, (and the thread was complex) I require someone that is going to attack my position ruthlessly. (besides the fact that I research the topic thoroughly, before I enter into a debate) Without that opposition, much of the detail that did come out wouldn’t have otherwise, and you would have been left in the dark about those issues. The stronger and more resistant to my position the opponent is, the more detailed the debate becomes. The more emotion that is displayed, the more interesting the debate becomes. Many people cannot tolerate intense debates for this reason.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have banned any of the others that ruthlessly attacked me. I only responded to their verbal assaults on me personally. I even posted the fact that “if you are civil with me, I’ll be civil with you”. As a warning not to directly assault my person because I can return insults just as effectively.

    When I have an opponent that attacks me, usually I have to fill in the holes the person is attacking with more info. PinballFX2 is a difficult topic to breakdown into a definition. First I needed to solidify that each and every table was a game in and of itself. The next step is to define what F2P is. Then by virtue of the definition of F2P is, how does that definition apply the game in question. Then when you got the last link, (the info that completely answered your initial question of the post, the post, was complete. You had your answer.

    The thread was a success. It not only did it achieve what the topic desired, but it filled in any holes (additional questions) that wouldn’t have been asked otherwise. Even though that I was attacked, the one who conceded their position at the end, ended up becoming my friend on Steam. He’s a nice guy! We laughed together at how intense the debate became, and when it was all said and done, both of us agreed that we had a great time during the post.

    The other guy, is a different story. As more information was being delivered, no new information was emitting from him at all. He started to troll me and kept on trolling until the end. His earlier “information” was to attack my position and giving his subjective opinion about the subject that he felt was objective. But I needed him to be more emotional so he would continue at trying to poke at whatever holes into my position that hasn’t been brought up yet.

    As the post progressed, I wanted more of his attacks to center on the subject itself instead of trolling my character. Usually, when most opponents are faced with a retaliation of hostilities, they research the topic further, then post whatever holes I missed. I’ve been defeated in many debates simply because I unknowingly held a position that was supported by a subjective point that I believed was objective and was refuted by a different objective point I missed. I conceded the debate immediately when I found that I was completely wrong.

    In the end, I’m sure you found the thread to be not just informative, but educational. It may have been hostile, but you’d have to admit, it was entertaining. :)

  4. KaZAamM says:

    I’ll except the punishment because, you’re right, I did break those very rules. My apologies.

    I’m a gamer. Debates to me is like a verbal game of challenges. Filled with drama and venom, a good debate always hits an intensity that make others squirm in a state of uncomfortableness. To reach that state, required me to break some rules.

    Even though I retaliated and not the one who instigated those attacks, I did break the rules and I’m not going to defend myself against that. I’m guilty. I fully admit to my guilt. I accept the punishment because it is deserved.

    Just wondering. How long was PinballFX2 labeled incorrectly as a F2P game? I’m not certain as to when it was labeled. Was it during the debate, or before? I’m just curious because if I had known that the title adopted the F2P in error, my debate would have taken a different tangent that may have brought out the two articles long before the end which would have dispelled the nastiness the thread developed into.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      If I remember correctly, it was only tagged as F2P for a couple of hours. I wasn’t looking for a debate on “what F2P is” I just wanted a few opinions on whether having a 100% free table would qualify PFX2 as a F2P. We’ve made our decision though, so it’s now a non-issue, which is why the thread is now locked.

  5. KaZAamM says:

    You would have to agree that the question itself required the true definition of what a F2P game is. Without that information, the question of whether or not PFX2′s free table is qualified as a F2P, would have been left to the subjective opinion of that a F2P game is individually. By all appearances, the terminology of F2P without the definition, “appears” to be correct. Free-to-play “appears” to align itself correctly to a freeware or free game. You play it and its free. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming when you see the definition on Wikipedia. As you have seen, if PinballFX2 adopted the F2P title, it still would have been an error. Not an opinionated error, a true objective error. Regardless of how many people decided the outcome.

    I still love the games that are available, and will continue supporting Zen Studios by purchasing any and all titles that come out.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Not necessarily. We know what F2P is, we don’t need people to define it. It was just a question to gauge community reaction, that’s all. Glad you’re enjoying it regardless of it’s tags/definitions :)

  6. KaZAamM says:

    At least rest assured that in the future, if and when I do get access once again to the forums, I’ll be more respectful to others that attack my position. At least I know you’re there to defend me from the trolls. lol

    • KaZAamM says:

      Oh.. just before I got banned, you should look at my post on the topic, “Table Price”… You may be surprised at how I really conduct myself.

      • KaZAamM says:

        Just one more question. About Castlestorm. When I was watching the YouTube in-game videos of the game, I had this nagging feeling that I have played a game very similar to Castlestorm. It just dawned on me that another game, “King Arthur’s World” for the SNES, which I was heavily addicted to at the time, is very similar, (in some ways) to Castlestorm. I was just wondering if that game inspired the creation of Castlestorm or its just a coincidence that the games are somewhat similar?

        It looks like I’m going to be addicted to that game as well. :)

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Not sure if that game directly influenced it, it was mostly influenced by building LEGO stuff and smashing it to bits. I can’t speak for the designers though, I have no idea what exact games they’ve played throughout their life :P

  7. Jack Congo says:

    I come here to see to see the detail on the new game for Steam and find this guy kasamm getting banned. I go check the forums for a juicy debate and what do I find? A contradiction of epic proportions.

    Quote by Barbie: We know what F2P is, we don’t need people to define it.

    Question on forum: In your opinion, does a free table qualify PFX2 for the “free to play” category? If not, what category should it be in?

    What a lie! This guy kasam answerers that question perfectly and your question is reduced to a mistake! Your question itself reveals your ignorance of what a F2P game is. If you did know what F2P is and asked the question then you are the reason why the fight took place.

    So the game was called F2P for 2 hours? Are you kidding me? And right after kasam proves the meaning what it is, you change it? Hahahahaha

    You owe him an apology. He was right and you ban him? You are saving face Barbie!! Are you imbarrased that he made you and your company look like a fool? You were wrong in creating the thread if you knew the meaning. Were you trying to entrap people into error or were you simply ignorant that you didn’t know what F2P is? The option of “We know what F2P is, we don’t need people to define it.” is a lie, and you know it. Anyone can see that if they read the post.

    Kasomm, great debate! You made everyone look like an idiot including Barbie. rofl

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      He didn’t get banned because of the debate, it was because he broke several Steam forum rules (which he fully admits). The the F2P tag was applied at launch (and was removed) weeks before we asked if the tag should be put back on. If you read the rest of the conversation, you’ll see that things are totally calmed down, and the issue is resolved. :)

  8. emmanuel says:

    hey kiddies don’t be boofheads!!!!!!!!! love you all!!!

  9. OneTrueNomad says:

    Totally newbie question I suppose, after reading the responses above.
    I am a steam newbie. I actually installed the engine yesterday after seeing the free pinball table announcement.
    Today, I launched the pinball FX2 game but all the tables are locked to me. Plus, I don’t see a Sorcerer’s Lair table per-se. It is June 21st and according to the announcement, the free table was going to be available today.
    Am I doing something wrong ??

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      You aren’t doing anything wrong :) The store hasn’t updated just yet, but it should in the next couple of hours.

      • OneTrueNomad says:

        Thank you. I will check back in a few…
        Another stupid question: Does this table have to be downloaded and played today and *TODAY ONLY* to register as a free table or will it be free forever ??

  10. Newby says:

    Hello, I just want to ask the question about pricing.
    Why is that America the table costs 2.99$ and in the Europe the same price applies only in euros. I am asking this, because the conversion rate in my currency is better for USD.
    Because euro does not equal USD
    Thank you for your time and answer.

    • Newby says:

      In the future I will purchase some DLC.
      It still bothers me, because that is kind of odd. Like 10 Yen doesn’t equal 10 dolars, but I’ve read that is how Steam rolls – not your fault Zen Studios.
      Keep up the good work and thank you for the Sorcerer’s Lair table.
      It is EXCELLENT (as all of your tables are) :-D You guys are THE BEST.

  11. KaZAamM says:

    I own them ALL.. Thank you for bringing them to Steam!! I have some serious playing this weekend. lol

  12. Kevin says:

    Has the ability to map controls to any button been added yet?

  13. emmanuel says:

    thanks Barbie for sorcerer’s lair,and ibought the other 3 games as well, now lets play fellow mates !!!!!!!!!

  14. Adumb says:

    I’m super happy to see new platforms for Pinball FX2. However, Isn’t it about time we got a new table?

  15. Svatlas says:

    Hey Guys :)

    whats happen with the Fantastic Four table…he is buggy at the moment :( If the Mr. Fantastic Modus starts and i hit his hand, he put the ball into his right hand and he didnt throw the ball back on the table.

    Sry for my english, its not the best;)

    Regards Svatlas

  16. CradleOfFish says:

    Why is this only on steam? Why can’t it be on PS3 as well? I don’t do the steam thing because I don’t play games on my computer (other than World Of Warcraft which I hadn’t played in over a year).

  17. nilelive says:

    is there a way to sync tables you buy in steam with windows store? i.e. my surfaceRT? Loving this game and all the tables, would like to play purchased content across devices.

  18. daniel says:

    I bought the vip package so be proud also I beat the game

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