CastleStorm Smashes its Way onto Steam


We’re bringing our new super genre mashup to Steam! On July 29th, you’ll get to build and defend your castle in CastleStorm, a 2D physics destruction meets tower defense brawler!


CastleStorm features a story-driven single player campaign as well as local and online co-op/multiplayer modes. Additional features include mouse and keyboard support with fully customizable controls, and multiple graphical settings including antialiasing.


The game will be available this summer for $10, but those who pre-order on Steam will enjoy a 10% discount! Creating your own castle (and then smashing it to bits) has never been more fun! Take a look at the trailer below for instruction on proper castle building etiquette.


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9 Responses to CastleStorm Smashes its Way onto Steam

  1. John says:

    any time frame for the PS3 or Vita?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Nothing to confirm at this time, we’ll post news once we have more info about other platforms :)

      • Dustin says:

        Please hurry…I’m saving my money for the PS Vita version. Seriously, I have my $10 ready and waiting right now on my SEN account. I would REALLY like to spend it on CastleStorm as soon as possible :)

        Heck, if you put it up as a pre-order on your site I would buy it now…just saying :)

  2. Kivi says:

    Oh would have liked a PSN release :(. (psvita)

  3. Vinícius Quinuad says:

    Excellent game, i’m loving it but there are something that could get better in xbox 360 the aim of the tower in the left stick is too sensitive and the aim of the hero bow closes down when your aiming this really not good. i hope you hear me and make this awesome game even better. thanks.

  4. Jos says:

    Any news for iOS or android?

  5. Gabriel says:

    WOW,Excellent game *-*

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