CastleStorm Gets DLC

It’s a great week for fans of our super-genre mashup, CastleStorm! This blend of physics based destruction meets tower defense brawler is currently available on Wii U, Steam, PSN and XBLA.


Additionally, new CastleStorm DLC will be available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop on February 26th! The first of two planned expansions, From Outcast to Savior features a brand new Royal Guard faction, new environments, an unlikely Hero, 20 new battles, new weapons, and Skirmish & Survival levels. The Warrior Queen expansion is also planned for release on Wii U, we will post the news as soon as we get a release date.


See you on the battlefield!



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13 Responses to CastleStorm Gets DLC

  1. Michael Adhi Nugroho says:

    I just bought the game on Steam (pre ordered it), and I think the DLC should already be in the Steam version, included in the pre order special price. That said, even though I dislike the concept of DLC, this game is plenty of fun and for extra $2.99, I’d be glad to pay… Heck, I’m willing to pay $15 for this game including the DLC.

  2. Doccus says:

    I have not been able to find out why there are so few games available for the Mac, or if any new ones are going to come out soon.. It has been a very very long wait.. PLease some good news.. THX

  3. Marilyn Snaring says:

    I have Castlestorm on both my xbox360 and steam…I love it…and I have the pinball fx2 on both…Zen studios is one of my favorite companies always have fun and interesting games!! :-)

  4. Minariva says:

    If should be noted that the 360 version of this DLC, that the achievements aren’t unlocking as they should. The only way that people have found a way around this is using the Cloud to do so. If you aren’t not using the Cloud, they won’t unlock no matter what setting you use. I think this is totally unacceptable that DLC like this got through Microsoft certification has at this time unobtainable achievements because of a glitch. Please Zen Studios fix this major glitch.

  5. v37c says:

    Could you please add new pinball tables. \(^o^)/

  6. Megward says:

    Dear zen studios I love castle crashers please make more than just 2 dlcs

  7. Megward says:

    And also please continue the survival dlc contents

  8. ademir burattini says:

    please zen rework gold and matchmaking in castle storm in pc please

  9. George says:

    We want StormCastle 2 !!!! The best strategy I ‘ve ever played !!!!

  10. George says:

    CastleStorm, sorry :)

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