All hail The Warrior Queen, the newest CastleStorm expansion is now available on the Wii U eShop! The story twists and turns as Freia (the badass Viking lady!) fights through this new campaign. Will the realm find peace once again, or will Chief Ramhorn continue his streak of evil domination?



The Warrior Queen reveals a new Viking Elite troop class, plus seriously huge additions to the arsenal of weapons available for the destruction of your enemy’s castles. We’re not kidding: Meteor Showers, Exploding Barrels, Stormbringers, Golem Hostages, and you heard it here first: FROZEN SWORDFISH.  Throw in 20 new battles and new achievements and you have an excellent addition to your favorite super 2D physics destruction tower defense brawler mashup.


The Warrior Queen DLC is also available on PSN, Steam, and Xbox Live Arcade.