GOAAAAAAAAAL! Super League Football Pinball Now Available!

The competition is heating up! We’ve combined the world’s most popular sport with our passion for pinball. You can now choose your favorite football club on our next table; Super League Football Pinball! 




You’ll side with your favorite clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus, and A.S. Roma as they square off to dominate league play in a new pinball experience.


The table will be themed in brilliant style, including images of the clubs biggest stars, team mascots, chants and theme songs—a totally authentic football experience. Scores will tally to each club’s global leaderboard, providing an overall rank for each club in the league on a global scale on each platform. As you lead your team through league play, you’ll be able to earn trophies and accolades which will be placed in each club’s trophy room.


Don’t have a favorite club? Join Team Zen! We need your help if we’re going to take on the best of the best on the Super League Football table. We want those trophies in the Zen trophy room – I know you pinball wizards have the skill, now you can help us score some major points! Don the Zen FC colors and get ready to score lots of GOOOAAAALS!


I’m sure it’s no surprise, but we play a lot of pinball around here, and World Cup Soccer (Midway 1994), is one of our all-time favorites. We’ve always wanted to pay homage to this real-life pinball table, and here we are, just about to share it with the world.


Bring your favorite football club to pinball glory in Super League Football, releasing next week for Zen Studios pinball platforms on the following digital stores:


-Tuesday, February 18th for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America; Wednesday, February 19th in Europe ($2.99, €2.99)
-Wednesday, February 19th for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Steam and Zen Pinball 2 OSX ($2.99, €2.99)
-Thursday, February 20th for Zen Pinball 2 on iOS, Google Play and Amazon ($1.99, €1.99) 


That just about sums up the Super League Football table – but now we need your input! Is your favorite club missing from our roster? Let us know who you root the loudest for and you might see them in the game someday as well!


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54 Responses to GOAAAAAAAAAL! Super League Football Pinball Now Available!

  1. Miguel says:

    Any portuguese clubs included?

  2. Jordan says:

    No Sheffield Wednesday then? Hehe.

    Also… You really don’t like the 3DS much anymore. :-(

  3. stubby says:

    I’m hoping xbox one support will be added soon, but knowing microsoft, that’s a forlorn hope :(

  4. akaDv8R says:

    Is there any chance this will come to the Wii U? Also, could you include Nottingham Forest please.

  5. bdhobbs1 says:

    Call me when you have it for the National Football League!

  6. Guillaume says:

    You don’t need to love footy to love this idea. All you need to know is: Zen Studios made it.


  7. FCB says:

    Where is FC Bayern? Wouldn’t bang without them.

    • Klaus says:

      I totally agree, I recommend adding clubs from German Bundesliga (FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund and/or FC Schalke 04) as well as France Ligue 1 (PSG for example) and from Protugal. But i guess this may be tricky with licensing.

  8. Cloda says:

    How about some African representation?

  9. SLB FAN says:

    Where is SL Benfica.

  10. Braydon says:

    Manchester United would be my choice. Short of an NHL game.

  11. manny says:

    looks great, team zen forget the rest !!!!

  12. WHU Fan says:

    You need West Ham United from the British Premier League.

  13. Kai says:

    This table looks gorgeous. However, I also would like to see NATIONAL TEAMS (England, France, Germany etc.), so that we could have a kind of “international score competition” (best NATIONAL SCORES), similar as in “London 2012″.

  14. BarbieBobomb says:

    Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone! I appreciate you taking time to give us feedback on what clubs you’d like to see :)

    • Itsa Coop says:

      maybe some Final Fantasy tables would be nice, maybe from VII, VIII & IX for start
      i think there could be many great concepts with those

  15. Smiffy024 says:

    Looks Fantastic, don’t leave us in suspenders any longer, release date please !! :)

  16. Pinolo says:

    I also would like to see my favourite team: ACF Fiorentina!!!
    Great job Zen Studios! You are an important reality in the European gaming scene!

  17. Furyo9 says:

    The best football club is here

    Juventus f.c. That’s all i need

  18. Rod says:

    On the PS Blog you mentioned that cross-buy deals were still being ironed out. I’m a little concerned by this. I hope you can keep your brilliant cross-buy system the way it currently is.

    The cross-buy feature, for me, has led to MANY table purchases. It is a HUGE selling point for me.

    New table looks awesome, as always :) Can’t wait to see what the next Star Wars pack will entail.

  19. Deado says:

    Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea Bayern München and PSG

  20. Phatj420 says:

    I can’t restore purchased tables after spending at least forty bucks. Where the f&@! is your support??

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      What device are you using? Make sure you are logged in with the same account, restart and try again. Let me know if you still have trouble.

  21. Ryan says:

    Please beg Manchester United to join in on this. THAT will get my dad into this game no question!

  22. agus says:

    FC Internazionale please.

  23. Chris says:

    Not even one of the 2 teams which played the last Champions League final? But both teams which got beat in semis? Hmnmmm … Bayern Munich is a must, CL Winner, World Club Trophy winner and arguably the best team in the world at the moment! Borussia Dortmund shouldn’t be missed either…

    Looking forward to the release, Zen Pinball kicks @ss :)


  24. Smiffy024 says:

    Its fairly obvious everyone has their favourite team but the devs simply cannot add them all lol, looking forward to this, give us the release date !!

  25. Don says:

    I’m liking the look of this game. Rangers FC? If not I’ll have to flip a coin between Barca and Zen Studios.

  26. Constantinos says:

    It comes to Xbox360, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, PSV, Steam, iOS, GooglePlay, Amazon — but not on Wii U ??? That’s a disappointment, even if it is sceduled to come at a later date.

  27. Paulo says:

    And Plants vs Zombies on Steam? Any date?

  28. Douglas Siano says:

    What about WiiU? You PROMISED New tables for the WiiU version and never delivered.

  29. Ariel says:

    Windows version, coming soon? :) please ;)

  30. Peter Poole says:

    Tottenham Hotspur table would be awesome please. :)

  31. Ricardo says:

    Where’s Brazilian’s teams ?

    Where’s Flamengo table??

  32. E says:

    Looking forward to playing the game. Is it actually being released today?

  33. Pirrip says:

    If I buy the PS4 version, can I download for PS3 and PS VITA for free or do I have to buy it again?

  34. robert marshall says:

    still worried about other game systems and not the wii u players. you really suck!!!!!!!!!!! we are always the last ones to get games from you people!!!!!!!!! it is not right. there i have spoke my peace……

  35. Lisa Frey says:

    Hmm. Zen is Microsoft right? Why isn’t this table in the windows 8 app?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We are not Microsoft, we’re independent. We’ll post the news when we bring the SLF table to more platforms, sorry for any inconvenience.

  36. Filavirus says:

    Please consider adding the Seattle Sounders FC from the MLS.

  37. Jmb49 says:

    03/11 now. “We’ll post the news when we bring the SLF table to more platforms”.

    OK, any idea about the Windows 8 calendar ? It’s already available in Steam but not into the Microsoft Store, very disapointig, isn’t it ?

    Why is it so difficult to adapt all your tables to all plateforms ? Could you just explain a bit ? Thank’s a lot :-)

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’re a small team and not all platforms/first parties are the same. I’ll post the news when we have more details about Win 8 releases.

  38. stOneskull says:

    Hi.. What’s happened to Liverpool for PS3? I’m getting the message that it’s Unavailable both on the PS3 and on the webstore and am unable to download it through the game itself. I bought it on Vita as it was available for that but still can’t get it working on the PS3.

  39. Jfgp1953 says:

    Con la actualización del software del Ipad a 7.1 a mi no me funciona, me da un pantallazo y se cierra.
    Tengo un IPad Air
    Me había comprado todas y digo todas las mesas, con la pasta que es.
    Quien me devuelve el dinero, me tocara aguantarme por no decir otra cosa

  40. Steve Clement says:

    Hi love the football table, really good pinball game.
    Is It possible for you to tell me the squad list for Zen Studios FC ?
    Did you have to leave any of the staff on the bench ?

  41. Oivind says:

    The Liverpool FC table is still unavailable in the PS3 Store (Norway)… I really want to buy it, could you please fix this issue? Thanks.

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