GDC Update – Xbox One and PS4 News!

It’s GDC week! This is one of the best weeks of the year, and we’re happy to say that we’re bringing our games to next-gen (or is it current-gen now?). We’re so thrilled to announce that Pinball FX2, CastleStorm – Definitive Edition, and KickBeat – Special Edition will release on Xbox One in the coming months. We will also release CastleStorm – Definitive Edition and KickBeat – Special Edition for PlayStation 4 later this spring.


If you haven’t played CastleStorm before, then you are in for a treat! CastleStorm – Definitive Edition is a hilarious mix of medieval warfare, 2D physics-based destruction, tower defense and some melee brawler action thrown in! It also features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, online multiplayer, co-op modes, and more. This version will feature the entire original campaign and expansions, plus a bunch of new content including new battles, modes, spells and features, all running 1080p @ 60 FPS.



Our Kung-fu themed rhythm fighter KickBeat – Special Edition is getting a host of new features, as well as additional soundtracks. KickBeat – Special Edition offers players several innovative ways to interact with music, combining beat-matching mechanics with an acrobatic style of martial arts, turning every song into a raucous battle. The game also features a music analyzer that allows players to create new tracks from their own music libraries.


Pinball FX2 has been a staple on XBLA for the past 4 years and we remain deeply committed to releasing new pinball tables based on amazing themes like Marvel, Star Wars and Plants vs. Zombies. We have secured new, unannounced IPs that will make their way to Xbox One this year. It’s an amazing time to be a pinball fan!


Stay tuned for more details on all of the games mentioned above, it’s going to be a busy year!


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12 Responses to GDC Update – Xbox One and PS4 News!

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  2. Jon says:

    All I see if for the XBOX how about use PS3/PS4 and Vita owners that love your stuff, I would love to see some new tables on the PS4 with updated graphics and enhanced physics

  3. Daniel Rowen says:

    I agree with Doug, after buying all the tables on Xbox 360, I then re-bought them, along with newer tables, on WiiU, because that is now my preferred system for Pinball FX2 (Zen Pinball 2) but it would be nice to get more table updates and support. Also, are there any plans for making purchases between WiiU and 3DS transfer, or even letting Xbox One users redownload tables they had already purchased for 360?

    • Rafie says:

      Just FYI Daniel, PBFX moniker is exclusive to Microsoft. So it’s Zen Pinball 2 for every other platform. Anyway, as far as Nintendo is concerned, they currently don’t have a “cross-buy” feature and/or import tool to transfer tables. That’s why you can’t play Star Wars tables on ZP2. Zen is still working on the Wii U. Remember the Wii U has a more complex architecture than the others. Especially with the implementation of the gamepad. Same thing with the 3DS.

      I can’t say much about the Xbox One, but I’m sure Zen is working on something that will put Xbox users at ease with their previous purchase. It worked out for the PS users, so I don’t see where it wouldn’t here. Then again….don’t quote me there.

  4. Scott Daylor says:

    Is Pinball FX 2 gonna be a crossbuy of sorts on XBox One? Im guessing no. I already own all the tables on it on the 360, (as well as Zen Pinball on PS3/Vita) and Steam. I’d hate to have to re-buy it all. At least give a 50% discount to owners.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      No word on that just yet but I’ll definitely let everyone know how that will all work when the time comes :)

      • Dave Roy says:

        I’m with Scott in that I have every table released on the 360.

        I will probably be getting an Xbox One and/or a PS4 sometime this year, and I will have to seriously consider whether to get a new table on the 360 if they’re not going to either carry over or at least have some kind of consideration for previous owners.

        That’s just an economic reality. I bought the latest Football table (a hell of a lot of fun) because it’s probably going to be at least 6 months before I get an Xbox One. If a new table comes out in 3 months, that’s something I’m going to have to think about.

        So I will be crossing my fingers!

  5. diego says:

    For people who bought the game and dlc for ps3/vita, will we be able to have this version for free? because I’d love to play it on ps4 as with zen piball, but wouldn’t want to buy again the same content

    • Rafie says:

      Diego if you have already purchased any table on the PS3/Vita, then you automatically get the PS4 version for free. No charge. Just make sure you buy your content on either the PS3/Vita so that the import tool can work properly with the PS4. If you buy tables from the PS4, then there’s no way to import them from the PS4 to the PS3/Vita.

      Or were you talking about Castlestorm?

  6. Douglas Siano says:

    :< I want the new tables for Wii U as was promised! You lied and now are giving new tables to a totally new platform, XB1.

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  8. John says:

    Uh.. The Wii U is NOT a nexte gen console… Just because it came in late doesn’t mean it’s not just on par (and not even that) with the 360/ps3, and definitely not next gen or in the ps4/xb1 league…

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