Announcing The Walking Dead Pinball

We at Zen Studios are so excited to announce our latest pinball collaboration! We have partnered with Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman to create a digital pinball table based on the award-winning The Walking Dead game series! This new table will bring the story and choice-driven gameplay of The Walking Dead: Season One journey to the playfield. Touring locations like Clementine’s treehouse, Everett’s pharmacy in Macon  and down the tracks to the walker-infested streets of Savannah, players will find an authentic experience inspired by Season One, capturing the peril and drama of Lee and Clementine’s story.


The Walking Dead pinball table features choice-driven gameplay across each of Season One’s five episodes, along with original story dialogue from the award-winning cast.  Scenarios include choosing who to save and who to leave behind in a walker attack, solving problems and raising morale within the group, searching for food and supplies, acquiring important tools, and navigating through the herd amidst an oncoming walker breach. Check out the trailer below to see the new table in action!




As huge fans of Telltale Games, we are extremely honored to be able to work with them to bring our fans a memorable, authentic pinball experience based on The Walking Dead. The table will be playable at this year’s E3 Expo and those in attendance can get a sneak peek at Telltale’s booth in the Concourse Hall.


The Walking Dead Pinball table will be available for download later this summer on Zen Studios pinball platforms across console, PC, and mobile stores. Stay tuned, we will post more details as we get closer to release this summer!



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30 Responses to Announcing The Walking Dead Pinball

  1. ran93r says:


    but, I can’t… SUMMER?

  2. Tech101 says:

    And yet Nintendo might see this a year from release date if it’s lucky. Look if Zen is no longer interested in releasing content for Nintendo just let us know.

  3. Jose Sanchez says:

    Interesting but… I dunno… Not so very excited like the past releases.
    I’m not saying this will be a great and deep table, but I don’t feel a hype inside me…. I hopw really that I’m wrong about this.

    Anyways, I’ll just waiting for another Marvel table… or maybe a DC comics collection, or a Thundercats table, or a He-Man table, or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors table, or Brave Star table, Capitan Power table, Silverhawks table, Ghostbusters table, Dugeons & Dragons table, She-Ra table, Thundarr the Barvarian Table, T.M.N.T. (80′s) Table, Defenders of the Earth table….

    nerdgasm…. lol.

    • John M.2 says:

      Classic Cartoon tables: EPICNESS!

    • Miguel says:

      He-man, She-Ra and Thundercats tables would be GREAT. Also Captain Power and Ghostbusters. Alien, Aliens and Predator 1 & 2 tables would be cool. Rambo, LOTR, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell versions), Matrix, Saint Seiya, Buck Rogers, Galactica, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Transformers (80s), Mad Max, The Crow, James Bond, Mortal Kombat, Okami…

  4. Matthias Burghardt says:

    Hopefully on Wii U too!!!

  5. Marilyn Snaring says:

    Wow I love Walking Dead series! Bringing together two of my favorite pass times…pinball and Walking Dead…brilliant!!! Can’t wait! :-D.

  6. bigpoppafurious says:

    great news…now when is pinball fx2 coming too Xbox One??

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’re still working on it – hope to have news soon :)

      • SorryForFanatics says:

        Hopefuly Xbox One power will be enough for 720p.

      • Anton Mezzone says:

        Hi BarbieBobomb please try and see if it would be possible to make tables like the ones mentioned before, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, He-Man, Thundercats, Indiana Jones. I would certainly buy all those table and a Jurassic Park one would be great.
        Thanks for all the hard work on all of these great tables I am loving every minute playing them.
        All the best

  7. Mark says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  8. Jay Diefenderfer says:


  9. robert marshall says:

    well looks like nintedo won’t be getting any other tables form you because you don’t care

    • Jerrod Balzer says:

      Ever think it might be Nintendo’s fault? The tables are coming out just fine elsewhere, so obviously Zen isn’t the one with the issues.

  10. Jerrod Balzer says:

    This is fantastic news! Hmm, being Telltale, might we see a new Jurassic Park and Back to the Future table in the works?

    • Kemetman says:

      I would much rather see a table based on TT’s Tales from Borderland or the upcoming Game of Thrones then really old ones life BTTF and JP.

    • Mario says:

      I too would love to see some good old 80´s-tables like “Back to the future”, “Ghostbusters” and “Indiana Jones”!

  11. Tech101 says:

    And yet we have content from them. However the new content is slow to come if at all. Just look at the Dr Strange announcement late last year and now not even one word as to why it’s not out when we were told by years end.

  12. MissingDjinn says:

    Still wondering when plants vs zombies table will be released for iOS. That is the only undead table I want…

  13. Mario says:

    Looks still a little undone, but this could become just as great as the SW-Tables! Looking forward…

  14. Zigzag52501 says:

    Any way on release date yet?

  15. Aaron says:

    I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the “Walking Dead” table for some time now. Can we get a release date already? You guys pull “Guardians of the Galaxy” out of thin air and make it available right away, but string “Dead” fans along with the ambiguous release date of summer.

  16. Mario says:

    Still no news about the TWD-table? Not knowing when it will be released is so much worse than waiting for a release-date :-/

  17. Oli says:

    awaiting “later summer” …

    think about a Dr. Who Table ;)

  18. Zigzag52501 says:

    Any word on Release date?

  19. Derk Coleman says:

    I thought it would be based on the tv sires.

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