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  Developer Zen Studios
Publisher Zen Studios
Distributor Sony Computer Entertainement
Platform PlayStation©Vita
Release date TBD 2012
Genre Rhythm game
Mode Single player
Media/distribution Download

Key Features


• KickBeat offers players several innovative ways to interact with music!


• Beat-matching mechanics with a Zen Studios original take on an acrobatic style of martial arts, turning every song into a raucous battle.


• KickBeat features a music analyzer that allows players to create new tracks from their own music libraries.


• A hard hitting soundtrack featuring licensed tracks from a diverse lineup of artists from well known bands such as Pendulum and Marilyn Manson, to indie pioneers Celldweller and Blue Stahli, to hidden talents like electronic music producer Voicians and Taiwanese rapper Shen Yi.


• The first music game with fully 3D interactive characters!


• Beautiful art style with animated cut scenes and an immersive story


• Compete with friends and post your scores to world-wide leaderboards



Story Overview and Main Characters


• Because we’ve put all this effort into making characters a central focus of the game, we needed to give these characters a human touch. Otherwise, they’re just animated props. Our story revolves around a love-struck and unlikely hero drawn into a battle for control of the world’s music. It’s light-hearted fare, but we’ve done a bunch of hand-drawn and fully voiced sequences that really bring the characters to life.


• Lee (male) and Mei (female) are the story protagonists.


• Master Fu is the leader of an ancient, secretive sect of monks called the Order of the Melodic Fist, who have been the guardians of Sphere of Music for centuries.


• Lee is the unlikeliest of hero’s, but he is chosen to fight to reclaim the music that has been stolen by Radio Earth, led by Mr. Halisi, owner of Entertainment Earth and leader of those who would use music for power and control.



Quote from Neil Sorens, Zen Studios Creative Director
“Several years ago, we asked ourselves, ‘What would happen if we took a beat-matching game, replaced the abstract cues like bars, arrows, and button icons with kung fu fight scenes, and set it all to some incredibly intense music?’” said Neil Sorens, Creative Director for Zen Studios. “We spent three years turning that idea into in Kickbeat, and anyone looking for something fresh and exciting and the music genre is in for a treat.”

















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45 Responses to KickBeat

  1. Brian says:

    Looks Fantastic, cant wait to see this on my Vita. Oh yeah Zen Pinball 2 on Vita is absolutely amazing.

  2. ChazzH69 says:

    Any update on the date for this as I hoped it would of been soon. Is it still going to be out in 2012?

  3. al says:


    any news about release date? how much u think its gonna cost? RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!!

  4. Miguel says:


    I’m really looking forward to this game!

    Any news on a time period for release, if not an actual date?


    Regards from a fan of your work (Also love Zen Pinball 2, although I suck at it).

  5. LoAlexandria says:

    Wow, I’m so looking forward since I first seen its announcement. Big fan of the music game genre, so I can’t miss that.

    1. Please make it happen and give away a platinum trophy for the game + don’t make it an easy set of trophies to get 100% in :)

    Is there any way to get an early access to this game? I’ld really like to test and write stuff about it :)

  6. resetme says:

    Is this game canceled?

    I love rhythm games and i was hoping to get this in 2012, what happened? any news?

  7. Zen freak says:


    Can we expect any news about this game soon (PRETTY PLEASE)?

    Spring is almost upon us… please don’t tell me it’ll be out in THE END of Spring?

    Sorry about that :D

    Just can’t wait any longer!


  8. JohnnyBlaze#1280 says:

    So, today is March 22nd, Spring’s here!

    Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet?

    No? When, then? :D

  9. Jorge Canossa says:

    hi … when we see this game on vita ??? Is coming this spring or not ??? we have to wait at the end of the year ??

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Should be ready this spring/summer :) We will post as soon as we have more news!

      • JohnnyBlaze#1280 says:

        So now it’s “spring/summer”… sorry to say it’s getting kind of frustrating, waiting for the game…

        Still, I’m confident I’ll love it.

  10. Hypnopatia says:

    This game gonna be amazing ! :)
    Cant wait for the release!

  11. Emmanuel says:

    so it’s april 19th… and i barley use my vita due to the lack of quality games out there and i was just wondering,is this game going to be released before the formation of this country or after? (4th of july) since all I see is “it’ll be out as soon” and irritating phrases like that

  12. JohnnyBlaze#1280 says:

    Hi, team!

    Another month gone by… Any word on this game?

    How’s it coming along?

    Anything at all?!

    We’re dying, here… Enthusiasm is being lost and other games are being announced, begging for our money (looking at Dragon’s Crown)…

    Sorry, no disrespect meant, just saying how I feel.

  13. Hassan says:

    Based on past comments, the game is still in the works which mean more waiting for my vita :C Im just gonna ask but can you release like a some current screenshots or a trailer or short gameplay. Im dying for some more info on this (to be) awesome game. Please?

  14. JohnnyBlaze#1280 says:

    Hey guys!

    Any news on the release date?

    How about that new info you mentioned on E3 week? :)

    Getting pshyched for this!!!

    What about new tables for Zen pinball 2 on PS3/Vita? I wish you could sell us the tables you made for Pinball FX and FX2…

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    Best regards.

  15. Miguel says:

    Hey, any idea how much longer until we get a release date?

    I really, REALLY want to play this game! :D

    Give us something, please…

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’re sooooooo close to finalizing our release date. The moment we have it I’ll let you know! :D :D

  16. JohnnyBlaze#1280 says:

    Hi! How’s it going? :D

    Any news on when this is coming out in Europe? And the price?

    We’ve been waiting so long now… more than half a year since the original release window …

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We should have news for you very soon! KickBeat should be ready for release before the end of the summer :D

  17. LoAlexandria says:

    i got so excited once again when i saw the trophylist for the game and thank god it wont be easy to 100% this game :)
    now we just need a price and release date :) (tbh i expect it at 9.99 like any other zen psn game although its one of a few ild likely pay 15+ for, on july 30th/31st for us/eu, a worst case scenario might pull it 7 more days into the future) but srsly, i cant wait anymore xD

  18. Mira says:

    I am so excited for this game but, summer is ending and still no release date :( Will it be released by the end of the year?

  19. hunainraza says:

    please full game free download on my psp

  20. Cameron says:

    Is there any way to play this in windowed mode without me resorting to 3rd party programs? Wanted to try streaming this game for other people to see, but there’s no in-game option and no settings in the .ini file to change.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Not at this point, but I can let the team know people would like windowed mode and maybe we could add it in an update :)

      • Cameron says:

        That would be amazing. Thanks for the prompt response. And if you guys do get it running, I’d be more than happy to drop a link to the Twitch page.

  21. Benjamin Grant says:

    What an awesome game!

    I think I spotted a bug in the steam version though.

    Lee’s story is locked by default and unlocks as you progress through, then it unlocks Mai’s story which is correct. However! once hers became unlocked, ALL stages were unlocked in her story meaning I could jump to the end, complete the end and have it completed. Which I did. I do believe it triggered off the steam achievement along with it.

    im not sure if it’s meant to be like that.

    A few suggestions for you guys to make this game more incredible than it already is:

    -ability to select sound card – I have a hercules DJ console hooked up to a massive amp. Would love to blast the music out.
    -Custom story – ability to have custom stories. Perhaps make a DLC with some more arenas for people to use?
    -DLC! add more characters and official stories!
    -Genre altitude, (a made up name), perhaps have the ability to override some of the stages music with your own? how about in game genre switching on the fly? maybe have some stages act like a megamix? or challenge mode?

    if anyone wants to use a computer joypad with kickbeat get the motioninjoy drivers. the DS3 tool can make any controler map as an xbox suitable for kickbeat.

    really like this game! well done! price tag is excellent too.


  22. Inuzuka says:

    I have a problem. I can´t play my own music in PS3, the error is “44 hzs” or something.

    Please, help! the game is awesome, and i want to try this mode.

  23. badbrad says:

    I purchased several pinball games on my kindle today but when I tried to download them it said that the info was corrupt and to try again.never had a problem with zen games before.what is the problem?

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