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546 Responses to contact

  1. Steve Rolls says:

    Why does Zen Pinball on the iPad keep nagging for a password. I took all my tables on holiday recently and it kept asking for a password which I didn’t want to do over an unsecured wifi. I must admit that I didn’t try it offline but it seems that I am always typing passwords in.

    It also asks for a password when the app starts up.

    Oh and I just downloaded Fantastic Four and as soon as I press Single Player the whol app crashes and goes back to main iPad screen.



    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Steve! That password issue should be fixed, did you install the latest update (1.4)? If you are still having issues, you can check here for possible fixes. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with!

      • clifton allen says:

        I’m having a similar problem with the fantastic four table. Was able to download it but crashes app when i hit single player. Playing on a Droid RAZR

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          What OS version are you using? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling or restarting your device?

    • Calvin piktel says:

      Hi i just restored my iphone to factory setting and made sure to transfer all of my purchases to itunes prior. how ever now when i reload zen pinball all of my tables are gone. I had purchased Tesla, World war hulk, Paranormal, epic quest and excalibur. Am i out of luck or is there any way to get my purchased tables back. Not that i would mind spending the money on the tables again but if theres no way to get them back i will unfortunately not be playing zen pinball anymore. please respond

      • BarbieBobomb says:

        Just hit the shopping cart icon and your tables should be restored. Let me know if you have any trouble!

        • danbartrop says:

          Can’t restore my tables.
          I’m on a nexus 7. Downloaded all the star wars table and have been playing them in you Star wars pinball app. After installing the Zen pinball HD app I tried restoring tables and it says there are no tables to restore.

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Try downloading them again individually. As long as you are using the same account, you can’t be charged twice.

  2. Dieter Bowar says:

    Hello, I purchased Marvel Pinball 3D for the Nintendo 3DS on Thursday. I love the game and it is very addicting. However, I have experienced some issues with the Fnatastic Four table. This glitch has happened twice. What happens is sometimes when your ball is saved a sink hole opens up in the middle of the board and Mr. Fantastic stretches and pulls your ball out of the sink hole. During the glitch what happens is when Mr. Fantastic sets your ball back on the table the ball disappears. Now you can’t lose your ball because it is invisible, you can’t cause the table to tilt, you can do nothing but restart the game and lose your score. Hopefully the issue is resolved quickly as this is a great board, but becomes unplayable due to the glitch.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Oh no! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll send this to the team!

      • James B says:

        -Please send an email if you want to reply to this, unless it automatically sends one-

        Hey there. Mind if I ask you something?
        I’ve got a small problem. I’ve purchased the Epic Quest and Plants VS Zombies tables on my Wii U, great fun. Only problem…I have the rest of my tables on my Xbox 360, and I can’t add Plants VS Zombies or Epic Quest, and the same thing happens with my PC, because I can’t transfer the Avengers tables, and on my iPod, I can’t transfer Sorcerer’s Lair. Is there any way I can transfer these over? and if there isn’t could you PLEASE make one? it’s only common sense…but if a table is console exclusive or something, then it’s okay. it’s just…you know, it’s kinda annoying.
        Could you fix this issue? Please? thanks.

        (Also, Looked at all the messages on the Contact page. MLP FIM table? Make that, and Zen Pinball will become Money Printer Pinball. Just make it so the MLP table is FUN, alright?)

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Sorry, unfortunately we don’t have a way to transfer tables across platforms. The only platforms that support cross buy at this time is Vita & PS3.

  3. Jon says:

    Dear Zen Studios,

    I would greatly appreciate if you guys would put Marvel Pinball on the Galaxy S2 from Sprint Mobile. I bought all of the tables for the PS3 but wanted to play these amazing tables on the go. Would rather not buy a new phone or tablet to be able to enjoy them as that would frustrate me. The fact is that technically speaking, the processor in the S2 could just as easily handle the mobile platform of the game just as easily as the Tegra quad core. So i must ask why youve limited this great title specifically to NVIDIA smart devices? If possible please port this title to be available to those of us without Tegra phones and tablets. Thanks, Jon.

  4. Sergio says:

    I was wondering if you were going to have any pinball tables based on Hasbro products, like transformers, gi joe or my little pony fim.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We don’t have plans for them right now, but I will send your suggestions on to the team! Thanks Sergio! :)

  5. Sarah Beland says:



    When I start Pinball FX2 in Windows 8 Enterprise RTM (Activated) it proceeds past the 2 developers splash screens followed by the games intro screen the games is asking me to “You need to sign in to Xbox Live on Windows to access Xbox Live on Windows features” I click on the button “Connect to Xbox Live” then the game proceed to tell me “Sorry, we can’t sign you in. Please sign in at, then start this app again”

    I tried several time to log in, it does not work for me. All my other Xbox Games for Windows 8 have no problem login in to my Xbox live account.

    The game also suggested that I sign in at “” I did that, restarted the game, and it still does not register my account, this game will not login to my Xbox Live account with all available options.

    Please advise!


  6. Josh says:

    I have tried several times and cannot get my tables from pinball fx to import to pinball fx2. It always says import detection failed. I really want to play them with the updated engine and it is frustrating not being able to get what I have already paid for. Please help me with this, as I may cave in and buy them soon, but honestly I don’t see myself buying other zen studios games in the future if I have to buy the same thing twice. Thank you for your time and I hope that the issue is resolved soon, as I have looked on other forums and found that I am not the only one having this problem.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Josh! We are currently working on a fix for this issue. Have you tried contacting Microsoft support? They have been able to resolve this issue for some people by refunding their Microsoft points. Please let me know if you are still having issues, I’ll be more than happy to do whatever I can to resolve this for you! :)

  7. Marcus says:

    Hey what’s the deal… I ordered Epic Quest table through Zen Pinball THD on my Nexus 7 and I’m still waiting for to receive it nearly an hour later. Why are your tables not visible/available direct through the Play store so I could of at least requested a refund/cancel order? NOT HAPPY!!!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Marcus, sorry you’re having issues with Zen Pinball THD! Are you getting an error message? Any details you can give will help me figure out what happened and what we can do to fix this problem.

  8. Stephen Morey says:

    I have purchased around 6 of the zen pinball games for my iPhone but purchased a new phone as precious stolen. On installing all apps recovered except zen games except for original table. How do I recover without repurchasing please?? Thanks stephen

  9. Z Rated says:

    I can’t import my Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball tables into Zen Pinball 2. Import button only imports the latest set of tables–Fear. Everything else is greyed out. When I select a greyed out game, it gives me the option to download and play. This is unacceptable. I already have every tables on my hard-drive and don’t want to have to redownload everything again. Importing should have unlocked my purchased table but it does nothing now. A little help here please.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Some people have found that if you download the demo, then the tables will import. Let me know if that works and if not I’ll do my best to help out!

  10. mw says:

    the games are great! I purchased the 2nd marvel pack (ghost rider/thor/etc) on my vita but I get an error stating that I can’t download on the vita? I believe I read in the press release that all games are available for the vita? Is there a process I need to follow to get these games?

  11. Z Rated says:

    That’s what I’m trying NOT to do. I dont want to have two copies of the same tables on my hard drive. I assumed importing would transfer the table data to the new game but if you have to download the tables again then the importing feature is pointless.

  12. Jordi70 says:

    Hi, I bought the game zen pinball 2 with all tables (including Plants & Zombies) for the Xbox 360 version, also I have the PS Vita, I will not have to re-purchase the tables again for the Ps Vita, you can help me?

  13. domozilla says:

    Hi, I love your Pinball games. Yesterday I downloaded Pinball FX 2 for PS3, and when I imported my previously purchased Marvell Pinball tables, the Fantastic Four table I purchased was not on the list of tables. I tried downloading it again, but that didn’t work.

  14. Jordi70 says:

    Hello, I have posted before but I’ve solved my question, I bought Zen Pinball 2 tables with all xbox 360 and now it has come in Ps Vita also think it would be unfair to pay back again, I might go back down tables for my Ps vita without any additional cost?, my id is JordiLXX on xbox live, I hope your consideration and help, greetings.

    • Daniel says:

      Agreed, I have the game on PC, xbox and android. I think it’s a rip off asking us to pay for tables for each different device.

      • BarbieBobomb says:

        We have to pay to publish on each storefront, and we don’t have a way to transfer between stores owned by different companies. Apologies for any inconvenience. We do try to set up imports/transfers on any platforms that allow it (i.e., Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PS3/Vita to PS4).

  15. Felipe Ferreira says:

    hi, do you guys have plans to launch your games in playstation store of Brazil? say yes please :lol:


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Felipe! Right now our games are only available on the European and North American PSN stores, but you can find some of our tables on the App Store for Mac and iOS, Android Market and Google Play (only for Tegra 3 devices). I hope that helps! :)

      • Felipe Ferreira says:

        hmm, not help. :lol:

        i was hoping playing zen pinball 2 in oledsexness vita, well, i will wait some more.

        congrats for the game, it’s great, tesla is my favourite table, but now i’m very anxious to play in the plantsvszombies table.
        see ya!

  16. Muzzy says:

    Just downloaded zen pinball 2 on ps3 and it says I can’t use network functions cause of age rating. I’m a 29 year old I hope this setting can be changed !!! Any help???

  17. Tony says:


    I have an odd issue that may or may not have come up yet. I purchased the Avengers Chronicles for Zen Pinball 2 but cannot use it with Marvel Pinball which I also own. Why is it that if I buy DLC for Marvel it will import to Zen Pinball 2 for no charge but wants to charge me to access the content on Marvel? If that is the case, what is the point of buying any content for specifically for Zen Pinball 2 when purchasing content for the older titles nets you twofold.

    Thanks for any help or info on this!

  18. Chris says:

    Hi, I love Zen Pinball on the iPad and have bought all the tables. My problem is that the dot matrix screen is tiny on the iPad 3, is this a bug and can it be fixed? I have tried the various options in the settings menu without success. Thanks

  19. Roberto says:


    first i must say that Zen Studios is the greatest iphone games developer there is.
    i cannot bring under words how great the Zen Pinball is. i’ll hope more and more tables will come.
    are there plans to bring Zen Pinball 2 to ios? Please!

    But my other point is that my favorite pinball games Rollercoaster and Inferno does not longer work since IOS6.
    Are there any plans to make these work again with an update or so?
    But would is be an great idea to bring out these two tabels to the Zen Pinball app? That would be great!

    My best regards,

    Roberto di Gregorio from Holland.

  20. Wendy Bindle says:

    Hi, I’ve been playing Zen Pinball on iOS for a while and love it; and thanks for fixing the “signin” bug – so much better!
    I’ve just updated to ios5, though, and all of a sudden the game music has disappeared!
    SFX appears fine. Could this be down to an iOS issue, or is it a known issue?


  21. Kurt says:

    U make a great Job – Hot pinball for my android tablet.
    Did u Plan a adamsfamily pinball ?
    Vlg kurt

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Thank you! We don’t have plans to do that particular theme, but we have some really huge plans for our upcoming tables!

  22. Chris says:

    Hi guys, another update, another two great tables (both bought), but still no fix for the dot matrix on ipad 3. Come on guys, it’s partly ruining the experience.

  23. John says:

    Have been playing 4 diff tables on ps vita for about a month now, zero trophies??? Are you guys gonna fix this or what? I read on a forum you were looking into it that was months ago. And yes i bought the full versions.

  24. Damian says:

    Zen pinball iOS. There was an Authentication error while downloading this table please try later.
    This is all it ever says for all tables. Please help I really want the hulk table

    iPhone 4s 5.1.1

  25. Damian says:

    Okay thanks. I can buy everything else from iTunes
    Including in app purchases I’ve just never been able to buy any tables
    From zen pinball. Will try support. Thanks for quick reply.

  26. John says:

    Just an update: bobby from zen fixed the issues I was having and took time to answer all my questions
    Thanks so much for your help! Real customer service does still exist!!!

  27. Damian says:

    3 days later, no reply from zen support.
    I’ve only ever been able to play one table.
    Can’t download any new tables. See above.
    Love the hulk table on my 360, just not
    Happening on iPhone.

  28. mike says:

    When will the games be available for non-Tegra Android please?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We are working on making that a possibility as soon as possible. I will be sure to post an announcement once we do! :)

  29. Sergio says:

    There was update recently on Marvel Pinball 3D for the 3DS. What do these updates contain?

  30. Sergio says:

    Thanks. Will there be an update for Zen Pinball 3D for the 3DS? Will there be more tables?

  31. spider623 says:

    I love the game but is there any way to restore my tables from zen pinball THD to zen pinball FX 2 on windows 8?

    p.s. log in with xbox live works for me

  32. PeterB says:

    Hi. I’m loving Zen Pinball on the iPad – though struggling to hit those big scores. That aside, on the Tesla table I’ve started seeing the “Magna Save” button staying on screen even though the “Magna Save” light isn’t lit. Is this normal or does that button signify some function I haven’t discovered? Screen grab available if needed. Thanks and keep those tables coming!

  33. Jenton Lee says:

    I’ve purchased a few marvel tables in the past on my nexus 7. Recently, I wiped my tablet and reinstalled all my apps but I’ve lost access to those tables. It’s only acknowledging my epic table purchase. How do I restore my tables?


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Simply hit the shopping cart icon and your tables will be restored as long as you are using the same account you used to purchase them originally. Also, make sure you have the latest update installed. :)

  34. Chris says:

    Hi, is there any news on sorting out the small dot matrix screen error on retina iPads. I’ve bought all the tables so far but this bug is spoiling the game for me andi won’t purchase the new three tables until this is fixed. Can we have an update. Thanks

  35. Alexandre says:

    Please add à button to tilt up on IPad for zen pinball because everytime I try it just switch the camera and i end losing my ball


    ya my fantastic 4 table still not comn up that ive paid for i updated old marvel zen ive dl the demo and re downloaded table only demo comes up wont let me play it says buy table so i press buy it wont let me either yet i own the table so idk ive waited along time n now it still wont work other than that i really enjoy the tables good work e 1 at zen


    oops its ps3 version by the way n case u need to k fantastic 4 table

  38. Z Rated says:

    May I ask a simple request? Please give us the ability to reorganize/sort our tables on the home screen. It would be nice to group some tables together. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  39. Andy says:

    Zen is easily creating some of the absolute most addicting and fun pinball on the market! I’ve been playing pinball fx 2 on xbox for a while now, I have every table purchased. I recently bought an iPad and found zen pinball in the App Store!! I’m wondering if there is a plan to allow customers who have already purchased tables on one platform to have access to these tables on other platforms? This would be really great, fans like me would really appreciate such an effort, and that sort of user friendly service definitely doesn’t go unnoticed! Keep up the great work!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have any way to do cross play entitlement between Microsoft and Apple products, that would be awesome if we could!

  40. Alan Needs says:


    I’m new to ipad and iPhone. Love your names. Now I have a new iPhone, all the games I have purchased will not copy to my iPhone and I’m being asked to repurchase? Am I doing something wrong? The free one has copied automatically. Look forward to any help you can provide.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hey Al, as long as you are using the same iTunes account that you used on your old device, it should restore your purchases when you tap the shopping cart icon in the Zen Pinball app. If you still have issues, email me, support at Zen Studios dot com :)

  41. Damian says:

    Finally playing World War Hulk On my iPhone after an update. It’s amazing, just like the 360 version.
    Thanks to the Zen masters for all their help and advice. Great customer service.
    Much appreciated.

  42. Peter McIntosh says:

    I purchased Paranormal for my iPad and have discovered a couple of bugs.
    When you hit the ball up the staircase to the house then hit the ball into the second story the game freezes with the ball in mid air.
    also the dot matrix display appears as a white box when there is a close-up view of it during the game.

    please see if you can fix these as i really love playing your games.

    thank you

  43. Chris says:

    Now we’ve had the latest tables and update can you confirm if the ipad retina display bug regarding the tiny dot matrix is finally going to be fixed. It’s been months now and I can’t believe its difficult to fix. Please let us know. Thanks

  44. Mike says:

    I love your pinball games, they are quite addictive. I just wanted to mention an oversight on the Spiderman game for Pinball FX 2 for Xbox 360 (possibly for Zen Pinball on other platforms as well). In the rule sheet, Mysterio section, the last sentence says “Reversed flippers make the Stage more challenging but permanent Ball Save helps not to loose the ball while trying to shoot with the tricky arms.” Don’t you mean “lose the ball” instead of “loose the ball”? I hope I’m not coming across as being obsessive with spelling, it’s just that it’s a bit weird to me to see such an typo in a video game.

    Keep up the good work!

  45. Tom says:

    I bought the Marvel Civil War table for Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 this weekend. It unlocked properly in Zen Pinball 2 but I cannot play the table in Marvel Pinball. If I try to download the Marvel Pinball version from the PSN Store it’s asking me to re-purchase. Shouldn’t a single purchase be compatible with both games?

    Thanks for your help!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      It will only work in both games if you purchase it in Marvel Pinball first, then import it to Zen Pinball 2, since the import tool only works in one direction. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  46. Gene says:

    I have Zen Pinball 2 on windows 8. I purchased 13 games and when I get the pop up window that says download 1/13 games I click ok and then get a pop up window that says unable to down load. I do not have any other trouble downloading games from other sources. The service has no problem taking my money but will download the games. Now what?

  47. Mike says:

    With Ms. Splosion Man now out for some time, Has Zen Studios discussed with Twisted Pixel about making the first Splosion Man table?


  48. stottlemeyer says:

    Hello, I shall like knowing if the dlcs of ZP1 will return on the PS Store. I have 2 tables to be bought to make my trophies of ZP1 for 100 %.
    Thank you in advance, and sorry for my english ^^

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately Zen Pinball is gone for good, we took it down once we released Zen Pinball 2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  49. DOLLA says:

    Having some problems with content not moving to pinball fx2 from pinball 1 or not being recognized as purchased on the Xbox360 console.How do I get this problem fixed? Thanx in advance

  50. ultimate131 says:

    Having the same problem as above. ZP2 on PS3 does not recognize previously installed tables, or recently installed tables. Had most of available tables for ZP1, have tried downloading both from the store and through the game, but no luck. any help would be appreciated. Plenty of room on my hard drive. Thanks.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Try downloading the tables directly from the PSN store, rather than importing them. Also try downloading the demo first, and then they should unlock. Feel free to email me if you still have trouble.

  51. Gnommi says:

    I bought all the tables on my old tablet, and now have a smartphone and a new tablet I want to put my tables on. Do I have to buy them all again?? I can’t seem to download them on my account without paying.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      As long as you are using the same account/login info for both devices, you will be able to download the tables onto your new device. Simply click the shopping cart icon and that should restore your tables.

  52. nuevitas says:

    I have the game on Wii U, when i buy à table or download demo’s i am unable to Play them.

  53. Sneakygemini says:

    [Minor Bug WiiU Version Zenpinball 2]: On the Spider Man table after green goblin throws out bomb-balls the view goes to multiball view normal ofcourse, BUT after the multiball phase ends it never returns to the view you previously had chosen.

    [Suggestion]: Me and my bro take turns at getting high scores, but to swap our Mii so it posts as our score we have to exit all the way out of the game, it would be nice if we could switch current active Mii at the title screen or even upon choosing table to play.

    Love the game. Gave it a 5/5 in the WiiU eShop. ^^ Keep up the great work Zen Studios! Got 5 tables so far, look forward to getting more.

  54. Reke says:

    Hello, ZP2 is really good! I was wondering, would you do some Nintendo themed tables for the Wii U version? That would be really awesome!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Thank you, glad you are enjoying it! We’ve had lots of requests for Nintendo tables, maybe someday we can make it happen :)

  55. Marcelo says:

    Hi guys!

    Do you have plans to get the licensing of old school ponball games to make them playable on consoles?
    IM talking about of pinballs like The Addams Family, Terminator 2, creature of the black lagoon. it has been done before! and you guys semm perfect for it!!


  56. Greg says:

    Hi there

    Love your Pinball games and have purchased all the tables released so far and but after upgrading from Zen Pinball and Marvel to Zen Pinball 2 I’m disappointed to find my favourite feature missing. The “My Music” option to play my own music collection. Can you please bring this option back??? It was the ultimate feature and I’m sad to see it not in the new game.

    Thanks again

  57. Tommy Foster says:

    No matter what I do, it keeps always nagging me for my iOS authentication when I log in after a reboot. Running 1.8, but reinstalling doesn’t help, it always gets back around to wanting my password to simply open the application.

  58. Carpentier Maurice says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have difficulties with Civil War . After properly paid and downloaded, my windows 8 is not getting it to open . However the rest of the 17 tables are working correctly .

    Another thing, I am from Belgium and I notice that the LOCAL SCORES are not reset accordinly a certain period of time .

    This must certainly be a local problem .

    I truly hope you can give me assistance and support in these matters .


    Carpentier Maurice

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Have you downloaded the most recent update? Click on the store app on the Start page and you’ll see Pinball FX2 listed. Click on it to install the update. That should fix the problem.

  59. thomas says:

    hello this is tom
    i am emailing you to ask about punisher no mercy
    i understand that this game has been pulled from the psn store which is very unfortunate, i am asking if you could tell me why was it pulled as i was very excited to play the game being a huge punisher fan but i went to download it but i couldnt find it, PLEASE email back telling me if there is ANY way for me to get the game or even put it back on the store if possible, PLEASE I REALLY WANT THIS GAME!

  60. I_Am_Error says:

    If you were to release a recreation of the early 90s ‘Back to the Future’ pinball table I may have to fly your way and give everyone hugs and free Cherry Coke.

  61. Constantinos Lapiotis says:

    Hi Barbie and the rest of the Zen Crew. Awesome tables on Wii U. I’d like to address some issues: 1. The background music goes randomly to mono sound to any table. Other miiverse users report the same with me. 2. Since you use the Mii names and not the Nintendo IDs on leaderboards you should optimize them so Greek letters appear. Now, every Greek & Cypriot gamer sees this: !!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  62. miguel angel padilla says:

    compre 19 mesas de pinballfx2 y después de unas semanas dejo de permitirme jugar solo podía hacerlo en modo demo tuve que reiniciar el ordenador con los valores de fabrica y volver a descargarlo quisiera saber que puedo hacer si vuelvo a tener el mismo problema ya que he tenido que instalar todo de nuevo, no me gustaría volver hacerlo . gracias por anticipado.
    el ordenador es un viaio con Windows 8 comprado en enero 2130

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Usted debe ser capaz de descargar las tablas de nuevo sin tener que pagar todo el tiempo que está utilizando la misma cuenta. Déjeme saber si usted todavía necesita ayuda!

  63. I_Am_Error says:

    Very excited about the upcoming STAR WARS tables!
    I also wanted to say ‘Back to the Future Pinball’ again.

  64. Constantinos Lapiotis says:

    Hi Barbie again. I’ve tried several times mainly in Wii U’s miiverse and once a couple of days before here to let you know about two issues in the Wi U Zen Pinball 2 edition but I don’t know if you read them because I didn’t receive any answer.

    The two issues are:
    1. Background music going to mono sound and some sound effects being ommited, both randomly
    2. Wii U supports Greek written Mii names but not Zen Pinball’s 2 leaderboards. All Greek characters are presented as exclamations. Please, be aware thar all other Wii U games that use Mii names have no issue showing Greek characters.

    Thanks again and please let me know if you have read my post.
    Thanks for the wonderful game

    Constantinos Lapiotis, Athens, Greece

  65. Theo says:

    Three tables to suggest:
    Zelda – exclusive for Wii U
    and Star Trek

    Still waiting for the NA Wii U version to be released.

  66. Dean says:

    Hi, I’ve recently started playing your games, and they are awesome. I have a question on purchasing tables. If a table belongs in a pack is there no way to purchase it individually? For instance, I have my heart set on getting the Infinity Gauntlet table, but I don’t really want the other tables in the pack. Is there anyway to get just this table maybe in the future?

  67. Nenad says:

    Hi.I cant buy any other table except sorcers lair on my android samsung galaxy say…. authentication error…try leater…???

  68. joe kiely says:

    love all ur guys tables need more like the aliens and predator sagas and dragon ball z stuff like 80s horre freddi kruger friday the 13th hellraiser man i know yall can come up with cool stuff like the goonies and pirates of the carribean.spawn.wheel of fortune.sonic the hedghog.60s 70s 80s.hell even skyrim.

  69. Dominik says:

    The Star Wars Tables are awesome but I want to play the Plants vs Zombies table on my Android phone. Are there plans for?

  70. Daniel says:

    I would love to have the original Back To The Future pinball machine from Data East, please

  71. Alex says:

    Hi, I have Zen Pinball on my iPhone 5 and my iPad. I purchased Tesla and Paranormal tables. They will not download on my iphone. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, won’t work. Hit the restore purchases button, it says no tables to download. When I try to restore, it says I have already purchased and I need to download the table, that’s it, it won’t download. Any help would be appreciated.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      What happens when you click the icons for the tables? If you already purchased them they should begin downloading when you click the table icon.

  72. Fred says:

    I have purchased a couple tables, mainly Star Wars Pinball, for my PS3 but I also have an android phone and an iPad. Is there any way to sync those three devices to the same account so I can play the tables I purchased on the go as well as at home?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately there is no way for us to transfer purchases across platforms made by different companies. Sorry for any inconvenience. Let me know if you have any other questions or issues, I’d be happy to help out in any way that I can.

  73. psy01 says:

    Tables suggestion: Classic Pinball, starting with FUNHOUSE.

  74. psy01 says:

    Just got the Star wars for my laptop, fun! Is their a way to buy Zen pinball merchandise? T-shirts etc, of our favorite games??(Would love to have one with Paranormal on the back) I’d also love to have a silver ball with the Zen 2 logo on it, perhaps part of a keychain or something. Belt buckles,…etc.

  75. Chad says:

    Why isn’t there an program download to play any of the pinball games for Windows 7 OS or earlier? I have it for all my systems, but while on the road traveling and I would like to play on my Windows 7 laptop. Am I just missing a place to download an Executable (.exe) program for this or hopefully you have one in the works as I feel you could gain even more business with this option.

  76. James says:

    Just a few suggestions in no particular order:

    1. Consider a feedback area for suggestions. Much like what Zen Pinball fans like myself are doing here, except a bit more obvious in the website navigation.

    2. Extend the demo tables limit to one full game. It’s very difficult to make a purchase decision based on interrupted gameplay and I’ve already purchased two tables that after being able to play more than just one ball, I’ve discovered they had too many features that greatly annoy me, like too many hidden areas where the ball cannot be seen, forced camera movement (a very bad idea for anybody with sensory or nuerological issues like attention deficit, dyslexia, virtigo, epileptsy, Asberger’s syndrome, brain atrophy/injury, etc.), view obstructed by visual distractions (like the Storm Trooper’s laser blasts on one of the new Star Wars tables), and tables like V12 where the ball has a greater tendancy to be lost in the left-hand gutter regardless of any player actions or control than anything else. I have been very hessitant to buy any more tables (after the first eight purchases) because the demo time limits and nag-screen interruption do not allow any real indication of a typical game.

    3. This is just a reitteration of a point brought up in suggestion two that I feel important enough to focus on: I wish there were a global setting to lock a favorite view or cmera position, with or without a checkbox or flag to dissallow any forced camera views. The fewer camera movements (for many people, like myself), the better the table and it’s enjoyment/playability is overall. Such a setting should either be used as default for all tables, or else an option to lock the table view for all tables, to better facilitate anybody who finds it easier to play that way, as well as anybody needing less camera movement for health reasons or ability to focus on the ball itself.

  77. Quiz says:

    Is there a North American launch date for Zen Pinball 2 on the Wii U yet?

  78. Mykal Butler says:


    I’m sure this has been said before but i want to say it again… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the cross platform issues between ps3 and ipad. I have purchase EVERY table on the ps3 and would LOVE to play them on my ipad but dont really wanna shell out the bucks, again. Thinking maybe a login server that knows what tables you have purchased?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately there is no way for us to transfer purchases across platforms made by different companies. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  79. Dat says:

    I have purchased every table on ZEN pinball for android, but I am unable to restore the 3 new star wars tables to my other devices on the same account. Even when I reset my phone I could get every table Except the Star Wars ones which ask me to repurchase on my devices. Is there a problem with the Star Wars tables?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Did you purchase them within the Star Wars app or within Zen Pinball?

      • Dat says:

        Within Zen Pinball

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Either click the shopping cart to restore them, or click each one individually to begin downloading. As long as you use the same account you bought them with, you shouldn’t be prompted to pay again.

          • Dat says:

            I have tried this and it always asks me to buy. Does not make any sense. Does not even give an error like it used to for marvel tables when they wouldn’t restore.

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            As long as you are using the same account, you can’t be charged twice for the same item. Click each table as though you are going to purchase them and they will start to download.

  80. Nathan says:

    Bought Paranormal pinball but its all Captain America!

    Please help

  81. Lilbee says:

    Dear Zen Studios. I have zen pinball and marvels on my 3ds. I love them both and so does everyone I let play them. I’m waiting for it on WiiU. When is it releasing? I’m in need of my love of zen pinball.Thanks.

  82. Jarek says:

    Dear Zen Studios. Could You please add a vertical view to Zen Pinball 2 as i’d like to build a “pinball machine” based on PS3 and some LCD screen and such a view is a must. Especially that, as seen on iPhone, it works already…

  83. Angela says:

    I bought the Star Wars board for the ipad but I cannot restore the table in the game, it shows up as a separate app and I get the message no tables to restore. How do I fix this?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately when you purchase the Star Wars tables in one app, it does not unlock tables within both apps, sorry for the inconvenience. Are you able to play the table within the Star Wars app?

  84. Emily says:

    I updated my zen pinball app on my iPad and I click the restore purchase button. It will restore my purchases until it gets to paranormal. Then the app crashes. I’ve tried over and over again to restore all purchases but I can’t. I will try to reopen the app but can’t.

  85. Homero Roldan Rubio says:

    I just upgraded the application of Zen Pinball for IOS in my iPad 3 and I can not open the complication enters the home screen and immediately closes

  86. Jesus Garcia Aguilar says:

    I have the same problem in my ipad the application crashed every time i tried to enter and send me back to ipad desktop. I have all the tables and i want to buy the 4 new ones. Can you help me please? Thank you very much

  87. wikeddie says:

    I have purchased 8 or more of your tables of zen pinball for my ipad4. The newest fantastic 4. Now when i try to open zen it goes through the two loading pages says welcome then crashes to main ipad screen. Tried reboot nothing works. I do not want to loose my purchasrs… Thank you

  88. Luke says:

    Hi, I’ve been a zen pinball fan since the beginning and have most the tables, I was wondering if there was going to be anything like the old fashion pinball tables for the 70′s? My Dad and I would absolutely love to see that on the game!

  89. Chris says:

    Hi. I’m a trophy hunter and trying for 100% on Zen pinball 1. the problem is the last 4 DLC tables were removed without warning. Will you ever put them back on the PS Store? please….. i would pay 10$ of each table..

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Sorry, they’re gone!

      • Kenen says:

        I would think about it again. There are millions of trophy hunter with that Problem and you would make a lot of Money with Little effort. Otherwise i’m going to avoid games from this Studio in the future and i know there are a lot of People with the same attitude!
        Please do this Little favour for your loyal customers :)

        • Chris says:

          Why was this removed in the first place anyway? people still buy 2009 games+ DLC. If it will ever happend to bring it back, which i doubt anyway, when you buy ZP2 Classic DLC PACK, let it come with all ZP1 DLC’s at like…. 3-5$ extra? same with the original game, if you buy Classic’s pack on ZP2 let it include ZP1 game. Or just release a bundle with all DLCS+ main game. i still see people playing ZP1. According to the leaderboards there’s about 1000 people on weekly leaderboards (would be much more if it was still availble for purchase) (On saturday-sunday, resets every monday) (No DLC) Also there’s a thread about it on US Blog. well it got 40 Positives but it didn’t get much attention. I know someone who gave up Zen pinball 1 100% trophies some years ago, some weeks ago he came back to it, but the problem is he could not buy the DLC because they were removed! Marvel pinball tables are still on PS Store and can be bought and transfered to ZP2, Why can’t ZP1 be like that? I know ZP1 is no longer supported, but you don’t need to remove every content because of that. Games like Call of duty only gets like 9-12 months of Support, but they don’t remove all DLCS when a new game is released. Thanks for reading this, I
          know my english is not good. And i hope this idea will be a success. Thanks.

          - 100% Trophy hunter

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Sorry, the game was up for years for people to purchase and once we put Zen Pinball 2 up we made the decision to pull it from the store. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  90. Chris says:

    So theres no way to get them at all? what if i downloaded ZP2 classics tables would that work?


  91. iwan says:

    I’ve bought all the zen pinball 2 tables for the ps3 . So now i what to play the tables also on my samung tablet , do i really have to buy them again to play them on my tablet.
    Best regards iwan

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Yes, unfortunately there is no way for us to transfer purchases across platforms made by different companies. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  92. barmylad says:


    just bought the star wars pinball but I’m getting a game verification error.

    I’ve emailed support, please help!!

    running Android 4.0.3 on my tablet.

    Thank you.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Keep trying! That just means your device is having a hard time connecting to the server at the moment.

  93. barmylad says:


    Got it working now, :)

    I originally installed it direct from the play store after I bought it from using my pc.
    So I unistalled it and then went back to the play store on my tablet and installed it from there and this time it authenticated.



  94. Regressive says:

    There are several movie franchises I could name that would make great pinball tables (GOONIES) but I won’t name them because I don’t want to distract you from possibly the best idea in the history of pinball.

    The Evil Dead Trilogy
    Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness

    Think of the soundbites alone from 2 and AOD.

    The bumpers could be chainsaws, Ash’s hand could crawl across the board while you try to hit it, the ball eject could be the boomstick.

    Maybe add the new Evil Dead Remake as a 4th and sell them together.

    Join us….

  95. Chris says:

    I just purchased a few tables for zen pinball on my wii u, and they installed but didn’t unlock. How can I fix this?

  96. Osk says:

    there are plans to get dlc tables for zen pinball 3d and marvel pinball 3d for 3ds nintendo?

  97. Shine says:

    Hi.. I purchased Star Wars Pinball and Clone Wars on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ 2.0…I then found Zend Pinball 2 and downloaded that with another new table. I would like to import my previous Start Wars purchases. Can I do this?

  98. Geoff says:

    Hi, Sent an email but thought I may get a quicker answer here, I use Windows 8 PC and had installed Pinball FX2 via the windows store, I have also purchased all of the games that were available. I need to reinstall my windows 8 soon and was wondering how do i restore all the tables without having to purchase the tables again. Any help would be much appreciated.

  99. Shane says:

    I bought the Star Wars pinball for my desktop (through Xbox live) and it worked fine. My desktop is not working at the moment, so I am using my laptop. I tried to download the the Star Wars bundle and it would only download two, not the third one, so I could not play any of them. I thought it was a licensing issue to my desktop, but I cannot buy it from my laptop and Xbox tells me that I should be able to use them. So I bought and downloaded Excalibur for my laptop and it works fine, but then I downloaded the Zen classics bundle for my laptop and they along with the Star Wars bundle will not download, it says do you want to download them and I click yes and it gets to 7 tables downloaded and then stops. I am going to contact Xbox live regarding this, but they were not much help with the Star Wars issue, so I would appreciate any help you could give, as I have now 7 tables I have paid for and can’t play.

    • Shane says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am using Windows 8 for my desktop and also for my laptop.

      Note- I got Windows 8 when it first came out discounted and it was only meant for one machine, I put it on my laptop and it keeps on prompting me to get another key, could this be the problem?

  100. Osk says:

    dlc for marvel 3ds please!!

    • Osk says:

      i read in the internet you are working to release star wars tables on the wii u ! just dont forget the 3ds dlc tables!! :(

  101. Kjetil Haugen says:

    After the Wii U firmware update to 3.0 it seems my access to global rankings is lost. The game keeps asking “You need an active internet connection to find out your Team Score.” What is this? I definitely have an active internet connection….

  102. D. F. says:

    Hello Barbie,
    I just participated in Zen’s Star Wars code give away and after 4 hours of sitting in front of my computer with my PS Vita in hand quickly entered the code A4FE-D4NG-BAHB. The code worked but instead of the full game with a unlock key to play it I only received the demo of the game. I tried the older code JJ67-97NE-FC5B on your twitter site which tells me that that code no longer works and was claimed by someone and is not a demo. Every time I enter A4FE-D4NG-BAHB it will still only give me the demo. I own both a PS3 and Vita so after trying the code on both machines neither gives me the unlock key. Please let me know if I am due the unlock key. Any help would be appreciated.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Each demo is available for free on PSN, so it sounds like the code had already been used. Sorry!

  103. Maher says:

    I have Zen Pinball 2 on my Wii U. For some reason it takes a long time for the game to connect to the ranking server and i am unable to connect to the internet on the game although my Wii U is connected to the internet and the internet works on other games/applications. Can you help me???

  104. Bludy_Edge says:

    For a few days now i cant connect to the zen studios servers with the wii u… i really like to see where everybody is and where my friends are on the tables… zen pinball 2 is amazing on the wii u!!! please fix this little issue. Thanks zen for all the great stufv you do and please keep on releasing awesome games on the wii u!!!

  105. Jeffrey Lindahl says:

    I would like to see games based on T.V. Shows and movies. Some examples would be:

    Doctor Who
    Star Trek

    I have more suggestions if you would like to hear them.

  106. Maher says:

    On Zen Pinball HD on sorcerer’s lair when it says tilt i don’t what to do. what do i do???

  107. scott beckerman says:

    HELLO- I have the infinity pad from asus, I bought zen pinball on google apps, I have been playing xmen and ghost rider for a 2 months. All of a sudden everytime I play now my right flipper goes nuts and my whole tablet freezes and I have to reset the tablet, it happens on all the tables I have ghost rider, xmen and paranormal, even the free table. I loved the pinball games and its the best one on google. I have even unistalled and reinstalled and reset my tablet back to factory condition, still the same. I called last friday and left an email but no response from you as of yet. I would hate to give you a bad review on google apps. Now I called asus technical just to see if it was my tablet, it is not. Can someone please help me or tell me what is going on or if anything I can do.
    Thank you

  108. Maher says:

    Do you have plans for Star Wars Pinball On Wii U and Nintendo 3DS?

  109. Larry Gist says:

    On my iPad three the right flipper will not hold it flips back and forth when I want it to stay flipped up, I’ve lost a lot of balls that way. It works fine on my iPad Mini.

    Also what are the odds of you guys coming up with a version of Pin-Bot?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Try uninstalling and re-installing the app :)

      Unfortunately no chance of Pin Bot ever happening from us, we only do originals, not remakes, sorry!

  110. Raymond Mota says:

    I recently purchased Pinball FX2 on Windows store and I would like to purchase some new tables, but no matter what I do it can never “connect to the service”. What am I to do?

  111. Maher says:

    Some sounds are missing on the Mars table on Zen Pinball 2 on Wii U. The sounds are the left flipper and entering initials. Can you help me?

  112. Slug says:

    Any progress on fixing the online scores for the WiiU version? I haven’t been able to see the high scores since I got the game. Always claiming I’m not “signed in” or “cannot connect to ranking servers”. I know you’ve been working on it for awhile; is this still on the radar or have you given up on fixing it?

  113. xStormKillerx says:

    Hello, the game works perfectly on my pc but recently I discovered that everytime I launch this game it creates a dump file (for ex: assert_pinball fx2.exe_20130523183155_1.dmp) in Dumps folder in steam. What is this problem? Never happen before.

  114. Jan43 says:

    Hi, maybe you can help me solving a problem @ epic quest table on xbox: i lost all experience and i’m back on level 2, having reached level 90+ before. What can i do? I love your games esp. FX2 and i am looking forward to castle storm….!!!

    Bye for now,
    Jan / Bielefeld / Germany

  115. Twilight Sprinkle says:

    Hi Zen team! Love your games, you are the pinball masters!

    Any chance of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed table in the future? You did such a beautiful job with your Plants Vs Zombies table that I can’t help but think of how incredible it would be. I think you would find a surprising amount of support for this undertaking from your target demographic too!

  116. hipo says:

    did you plan release star wars pinball on 3ds?

  117. albert says:

    Hi i own a Wii U. approximatily 2 weeks ago i purchased zen pinball. the game worked fine until i decided i wanted more tables . so i purchased a few. when the tables finished downloading, i got into the game to try out my new tables it said i hadn’t purchased them when i clearly did . the tables where still locked and greyed out. i already uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 time already but i stays the same. please help Wii U version

  118. mauricio says:

    hello! I have purchased 3 tables tesla which installs fine but I paranormal and epic quest that are purchased not install it, or by clicking the shopping restoration or individually.
    The message telling me the program is that the package is damaged try again.
    and reinstall the program, clear cache and data, but the problem persists.
    user data and password are correct play google.

    use the google translator.

  119. Matt says:

    Castlestorm for PS3? (please!) and when does the next batch of StarWars Pinball tables get release or at least announced?

    Thank You! Keep up the GREAT work!!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We’ll post other platforms as soon as we can confirm them! We should have the next Star Wars pack ready this fall :)

  120. Sunny Chan says:

    Hi, downloaded the Zen Pinball on my android device, and I got the pinball fx2 on my windows 8 too, now I plan to buy a table, can it be sync between these two platform under the same user? I want to make sure that before I paid, thank you.

  121. chris says:

    Why isn’t the classic controller pro supported for the wiiu anymore? Before it was and it didn’t work so I figured it would be fixed in an update, but not the update removed the classic controller pro. Could you please make that controller supported again.

  122. scott says:

    I have to sadly say i am giving up on zenpinball. I have the asus infinity tablet. When i downloaded a while back ago and it was working great for a few months, but the zen studios put out an update and i cant even play the game. Now it is tilting all the time. They had agreat game and they screwed it up for alot of people. Why cant they of just let it alone , in trying to make it better but they made it worse. Plus the fact they dont answer any calls and it took me 3 weeks for an email to let me know an update is coming out in a few days which made playing even worse. I hope the owner or CEO reads this. If they dont get there act together they will be gone. They should of never touched it because at one time it was the best pinball game out there.

  123. Maxwell says:

    Hey! I have a bunch of tables on Xbox 360 for Pinball FX2 but recently sold xbox 360 and now play Pinball FX2 on Steam. Is there any possible way to transfer my licenses from Xbox Live to Steam? I’d rather not have to repurchase all of the tables! Thanks. :D

  124. Noah says:

    Loving Star Wars Pinball for iOS! Just one big problem for me. I just purchased the Clone Wars table and now everytime I try to play either the ESB table or the Clone Wars one, the game crashes. Is there anyway to fix this? Is it a regular problem? Please e-mail me a reply
    Thank You!

  125. Maher says:

    anything about dlc for zen pinball 3d and marvel pinball 3d?

  126. dawid says:


    Is this where you submit stupid questions? :O

    I’m an avid(avid..?) Pinball FX 2/Marvel Pinball player and i have quite a collection of tables on my XBL-account. But now i’m thinking of switching to PC and Steam. Is my Xbox table-collection in any way, shape or form transferable to my Steam-account? Or does it make me eligible for something?(a pat on the head if nothing else).

    I know it’s a super long(longlonglong) shot and borderline stupid question, but making the transition to another platform and having to re-buy your entire collection is kind of a wall to climb. So i at least have to ask. :<


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have a way to link/transfer accounts. So sorry!

      Not a stupid question, by the way, lots of people ask the same thing, and I’m more than happy to answer :)

  127. dawid says:

    Expected as much. :|

    Thank you so much for your quick answer! :)

  128. Mari says:


    I downloaded the Star Wars V table of Zen Pinball 2 successfully and thereafter tried to download the X-man table. This time I got an “unknown error” message and the table didn’t download. When I got the invoice I see I have paid for both tables, e.g. even the one I didn’t get. There is nothing in the previously downloaded apps in iTunes/appstore, so can’t download it again. How do I get the table without having to pay twice? Apple say they have nothing to do with this and I should contact the developer. I’m using OSX 10.8.4, Macbook pro.


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Try clicking the shopping cart icon to start the download. If you still have trouble, let me know! You can email me at support @ :)

  129. ZupaStef says:

    Hey guys great job u guys did on the tables im realy adicted bought all available on iphone i was wondering when a new table will be coming out and or where to find any info on new coming tables cause cant wait for more awesomeness ye realy thumbs up keep up the great work. But 1 thing … The shaman table …. Sucks balls … My balls keep getting sucked in the righter side line cant stand it it just keeps on doing it .

    Heads up plz on new coming table :D

  130. Cristian.AR says:

    I’ve recently played with Star Wars pinball, and I’ts amazing!, Congratulations for all the team.
    Do you have plans to develop Back to the future pinball?
    See you,

    Cristian from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Currently we just have plans for more Star Wars and Marvel tables, but Back to the Future would be awesome! :)

  131. PFM says:

    I’m on a nexus 7 and bought the standalone Star Wars Pinball app; bought all three tables. I then attempted to restore the tables to Zen Pinball HD, which I already have several tables for, and was not able to restore the three Star Wars tables. It makes me purchase then again, and accidently I did purchase 1 of the three star wars tables again. Yes, I am using the exact Google Play account.

    How can I solve this? I’ve now been charged for one of the star wars tables and can’t import what I already bought into Pinball HD.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Unfortunately the Google Play Store doesn’t support imports between apps, sorry for the inconvenience.

      • PFM says:

        So to have the 3 Star Wars tables, which I already bought and one of them twice, I have to re-purchase to them so that they can appear with all the other tables I purchased in Zen Pinball HD? Wow.. Had I know that, I would have bought them within Zen Pinball instead of the Star Wars app. Some sort of note would have been appreciated prior to purchasing the Star Wars app.

  132. ebreder says:

    Hey there, love the games! We have two issues.

    Last night we bought the Avengers pack and when we logged in this morning most of the tables had disappeared. We tried accessing from the download history and it goes from 1% to 99% (because the game is still on the hard drive) but the games still don’t appear. We are currently redownloading everything to see if that will fix it.

    Secondly, The El Dorado table glitches and freezes when the kickback is activated. Lost several games where I had beat the high score before finally giving up on the table entirely.

  133. Maher says:

    Do you plan to release Street Fighter 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on Zen Pinball 2 for Wii U?

  134. Josh Ballance says:

    to the makers of the pinball tables on pinball fx2. You should seriously make like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles table, in my opinion “I THINK THAT SHIT WOULD BE OFF THE FUCKIN CHAIN! ” lol. But seriously, make the table please lol.

  135. Michael Henry says:

    I love the Marvel and Start Wars pinball sets!!! Will you be coming out with DC comics pinball set?

  136. forju says:

    my problem is in hotseat when 2 or 3 player star the game clone the score of precedent player. why?

  137. David says:

    Hi, I just buy star wars pinball for playstation 3 from playstation store, but on icon screen appears the word “trial”. Is this normal? Thaks!

  138. Jan says:

    Hi, I wish to purchase all the tables at once but am not capable of doing so in the one hit.
    Would you consider having a season pass or at least a pack to buy all of the current tables at 1 price?

    • Solitude says:

      It’s not possible right now, but we’re considering it because so many people are asking for it! What platform are you playing on?

  139. Charles says:

    I purchased the Star Wars Pinball app from the Wii-U e-Shop. I have enjoyed the tables greatly!
    But! I am having a recurring problem – every 2 or 3 times I play a table, the game crashes after I exit the high score entry on the table I finished. It loads up the ‘scoring’ page, and then emits a loud buzz and the Wii-U needs to be physically reset. Is this a known bug? Will there be an update? Is there any setting I can change to mitigate the issue?
    Thank you!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it?

      • Charles says:

        Uninstalling the game itself didn’t seem to work – BUT, I uninstalled my user data after that, and that seemed to fix it.

      • Charles says:

        Actually, I spoke too soon. Sure enough, just after I post that it fixed it, the problem arises again. It may be just that uninstalling my user data delayed the crashing (I don’t know why). But it is still crashing in the same way as it had before.

  140. Glaasch says:

    I’ve played Zen Pinball hd for a while now on my android tablet. A couple months ago I noticed that my high scores were not saved anymore and also those scores were not visible in Swarm. (It happened when I got a really good score in Epic Quest).
    I did a full reinstallment of Zen Pinball and for a while it went okay. Today I got a pretty good score in “ghostrider” and surprise,surprise…it did not save and again no high score in swarm. I did get a message that my score was send, but it was a previous one (way lower) and even that one ain’t the high score in Zen. The saved highscore is even lower than that.
    I previously did transfer my high scores from openfeint to swarm, so maybe that is where things start going wrong.

    I would really appreciate it, when this gets fixed. This bug takes a lot of fun away.

  141. Perry Forman says:

    Hey, I’ve had a problem importing Zen Pinball tables on the PS3. And also purchasing new ones. I’ve imported a couple okay. But there’s still one Capt America table that won’t import correctly. The icon is still grayed out after importing.

    Also, I purchased Star Wars from the PS3 store this weekend. It behaves the same way. I download and install it. But the icon is still grayed out. And when i click on, it at least recognizes i purchased it. And displays the Download option again.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Try downloading the demos for each one you’ve purchased and see if that helps. Let me know if you still have trouble!

      • Perry Forman says:

        I had already downloaded everything star wars available. That didn’t help.

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Do you have just one account or are you trying to import them across multiple accounts? It will only import within the same account. If that’s not the issue, you might try uninstalling and reinstalling.

  142. Maher says:

    star wars pinball on 3ds problem: when i start the boba fett table the game crashes. please help i really want to play this table!

  143. sergio says:

    Just got Star Wars Pinball for my 3DS and today it keeps crashing on me when the tables try to load up. Is there a bug in the game?

  144. Dave Yaeck says:

    Hi All: Love your pinball tables on my iPad but I have a question. In Zen Pinball, all of the Star Wars and Marvel games are listed for buying. I bought all the non SW and Marvel games here but I bought the available Star Wars’s in the Separate app for Star Wars. However I want to transfer my purchases over to the Main Zen Pinball App. Can that be done?


    Dave Yaeck

  145. Eli benji says:

    I have order two zen pinball games yesterday.. and I received after ordering the games message that my order is pending.. what is going on with the games..

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      What platform are you playing on? You might email us details so we can help you out: support @

  146. michael appel says:

    The download of Star Wars Pinball to the Nintendo-3ds crashes so often, that Ican’t play the. – On the other hand Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball are working on my Nintendo 3ds very good. – What’s the problem with the internet in this case?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      A patch will be released soon to resolve this issue, but in the meantime try playing with the WiFi turned off to keep it from crashing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  147. Jeff says:

    Recent Android update is constantly asking for Facebook contacts at start and when I finish a game it crashes, self closes and I have to go through the process all over again. I want to just be able to replay but I don’t get the chance because it’s crashing at the end of every game.

  148. Ophelia says:

    A minor glitch on Marvel Pinball 3D (Nintendo 3DS, of course): Sometimes, on the Iron Man table, if I shoot the ball through the right orbit, the ball will stop three-quarters through, just above the spinner. On very rare occasions, it will get stuck at the very top of the orbit. While I can nudge the table to dislodge the ball from either location, the table won’t register the orbit shot.

  149. Sergio says:

    Thanks for updating the Star Wars Pinball 3DS. Now I don’t have to switch off the wireless.

  150. Tom says:

    I’m planning to purchase today’s new Star Wars tables on PSN. If I want to play them in both Zen Pinball 2 and Star Wars Pinball, do I need to purchase the new tables as ZP2 DLC and import into Star Wars Pinball or purchase as Star Wars Pinball DLC and import into ZP2? Or is it an automatic cross-buy?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      For now – purchase them directly from the PSN store, then import. ZP2 will not have icons to purchase them in-game until tomorrow for some reason. Once you buy it in the PSN store, it will unlock the other versions and will be listed as free.

  151. David says:

    I bought the Star Wars Boba Fett table on iPhone when it came out before the stand alone Star Wars app was out. Is there any way you could help me transfer the purchase over? I really want all my tables in one place.

  152. Luke Murray says:

    When will the second set of Star Wars tables be available in the Zen Pinball app?

  153. Dominik says:

    Could you support Google Play Games for Zen Pinball HD which includes cloud saving? That would be nice.

  154. Mike says:

    I’ve been loving Star Wars Pinball on my iPad running iOS 7.

    Recently the game has been stuck though and glitches during loading. The three credits screens go by but after a couple chords of the theme music, the screen freezes on black.

    I’ve tried force quitting the app and restarting the iPad, but the same issue arises. Any ideas?

  155. Maher says:

    Do you plan a marvel pinball standalone app for wii u?

  156. John says:

    After the new update I have completely lost sound for this app. Running iOS 7 – iPad retina display. I have restarted the hardware and also reinstalled the app a few times still nothing. Could you please look into this. Sound is one of the best parts of this app :)

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Oh no! I’ve heard of this happening and usually it takes a couple of uninstall/reinstall cycles to get the sound back – let me know if that doesn’t work!

  157. Spencer says:

    I am curious why the new Star Wars pinball tables are not available to purchase in the Zen Pinball app yet? It shows “Coming Soon” on all three. I’m not buying the separate Star Wars Pinball app. Thanks for the great games and hard work.

  158. Josh says:

    Hey guys,

    Any plans to release your more tables (i.e. Epic Quest, PvZ, Ninja Gaiden) for the Mac Store? Also, when will the new Star Wars 3-pack be released for Mac? Love the original set!


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Definitely plan to release more on Mac – stay tuned for details, we should have a release date for the new Star Wars stuff soon :)

  159. R Koren says:

    I posted a comment elsewhere on online issues with PSN Castlestorm – can’t play at all or look at scoreboards. Says I have network issues but nothing is wrong and all other games play fine?
    Is this a known bug being looked at?

  160. TJ says:

    I downloaded Zen Pinball 2 for my PS3 and was glad that I was able to import my tables when I had played Marvel Pinball when I had PS+. I bought the Avengers tables on Zen Pinball 2 a while back and I just recently re downloaded Marvel pinball so I could try and finish that. I was upset to find that I would have to buy the Avengers tables again. It’s a big inconvenience when it going to cost me another $9.99 is there a way that this can be resolved?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Sorry, the import tool only goes one way. To have the same tables in both apps, you’d have to buy them in Marvel Pinball first, then import from Marvel to Zen Pinball 2. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  161. falleneden says:

    Been playing this on PS4 and never seems to be signed in. When trying to check scores it just keeps saying I need to sign in or go online – which I am.
    Wonder if it’s because i bought the tables on 1 account but playing them on another?

    Them again 2 friends have the same issue and they don’t do it that way

    • Reeks15 says:

      I am the only account on my PS4 and I’m having the same issue. I’m connected to the internet however when I try to see my scores or anything else it keeps telling me that I have to go online to continue.

  162. George Heftler says:

    I just purchased the paranormal table on zen pinball 2 for ps4, but after i downloaded it already, the game keeps saying i need to download it still. I have already tried deleting the download and doing it again, but still no luck. Any advice on how to fix this?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Try going to Settings > PSN > Restore Licenses and that should unlock it. Let me know if that doesn’t work! :)

  163. Aldric says:

    Hi, I just picked up Castle Storm for the Wii u on the Eshop and I want to know why there isn’t a ability to use the Classic controller ascessory for a wii remote instead of a pro controller. I own a classic controller and i want to play with my friends without having to buy a pro controller. Could it be possible if you could add this, if so, thanks

  164. Kaleb says:

    I recently downloaded Zen Pinball 2 for mac and have been playing on my Android phone for over a year. Is there any way to sync them?

  165. Factor05 says:

    Hi, I have most of the tables on my Xbox 360 account (Zen Pinball 2), but have recently upgraded to PS4. Is there a possibility I can somehow import these purchases onto my PS4? As all I have read, is the ability to import if you had them on PS3…

  166. Rich says:

    I got the duo pinball controller, on sale (definitely not worth 60 bucks) and it’s supposed to unlock da Vinci and snow but after updating the game it removed snow and da Vinci and now says I have no unlocks on my account, the games were not saved to my account and is now prompting me to purchase them. I apparently have to go back and dig up the duo controller to rein lock them which at best is a marginal device. It seems this game is riddled with problems related to iap. I don’t think its unreasonable that those unlocks be associated to my account without having to whip out the controller every time there’s an update.

  167. Thomas Silva says:

    Hey. I installed ZP2 in my MacBook. When I’m in the game, I tried purchasing new tables, but I couldn’t. It directs to a window where I’m suppose to Login in App Store. So, I do that and nothing more happens. I tried several times and I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but I still presence the same situation. I’m tired of the table that comes with the game and wish to purchase new ones. What can I do in this case? PS: I’m on OS X Mavericks.

  168. Adam Kinzle says:

    Why do I have to buy the Star Wars 2 app (and tables) and the same tables for my Zen Pinball? Shouldn’t the two link up??

    • Adam Kinzle says:

      I guess I should elaborate… I have DL’d the Zen Pinball HD app, for my Android tablet. In addition, I purchased the Marvel app (which comes with The Avengers). Why is the Zen HD app not able to recognize that I have The Avengers table? I thought that it would, and I ended up essentially downloading it twice…

  169. Mitch C says:

    Ok so i just bought the Castlestorm Complete Edition for the PS3 today on the PSN, however it’s not coming with the full game unlock, everytime i start the game, it’s only a trial version, what’s up? I’ve talked to the PSN customer service people for 2 hours today trying to resolve the issue, now they’re telling me to come here and try to resolve it.

    I’m not the only person with this issue for this game, someone else also posted on my thread on the PSN forums and they’re having the same problems as me with this game.

    • Mitch C says:

      Oh and i wanted to add one more thing, even though i just bought the Complete Edition, it’s wanting to charge me again? I’m guessing this problem is in the PSN end. First time i’ve ever had a problem with PSN or any game ever o.o

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Mitch, please email me, support at zenstudios dot com and we’ll get it sorted out.

  170. TheWalkingDude says:

    i had zen pinball a while back and just recently got a ps3 back and was on psn getting all my download content back and found that zen pinball is now zen pinball2 and from what i understand from customer service at playstation that the tables i have should be auto imported with zen pinball2 but each time i click import it tells me there is nothing to import, how do i get zen pinball2 to import my tables from zen pinball

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Make sure you are using the same account you used to import the tables. If the import button doesn’t work, the tables you bought should be listed as free on the PSN store, so you can download them directly from there. Let me know if you still have trouble.

      • TheWalkingDude says:

        im using the same account now to download these tables as when i bought them a few years ago, when i got my ps3 back a few days ago and went to playstation store and found that there is no longer zen pinball its zen pinball2, any way i downloaded my tables then zen 2 and it said there is nothing to import, so i deleted everything and tried downloading the zen pin ball2 1st then my tables and still get the message nothing to import

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Did you try downloading the tables directly from the PSN store on your PS3? If you already bought them with that account, they will be listed as free and you can download them from there.

          • TheWalkingDude says:

            yes that is where i downloaded them from my psn account and zen pinball2 just keeps telling me there is nothing to import? i hope there is a way this can be resolved

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Which tables that you previously purchased are not showing up in Zen Pinball 2?

          • TheWalkingDude says:

            the tables i bought and wont show or import are
            street fighter tribute 2
            epic quest
            sorcerer’s lair
            earth defense
            and mars
            also what ever tables came with zen pinball
            but these are the one’s i bought (add on’s)

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Are they listed as free on the PSN store for you? You should be able to download them at no charge since you’re using the same account.

          • TheWalkingDude says:

            yes they are listed as free, thats not the problem, after i downloaded zen pinball2 and then downloaded my tables zen pinball2 just keeps saying there is nothing to import

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Try downloading the tables as well as the demos from the PSN store, restart and that should help.

          • TheWalkingDude says:

            ok, 1 there are no demo’s for the tables i have listed here that i bought back when it was zen pinball in 2012 on playstation store ive uninstalled and redownloaded everything and still get the message nothing to import, i take it the tables i paid for that i have listed here previously are no longer available now on zen pinball2? and wont import to zen2 and i cant play said tables and my money has ben wasted? what can be done about this?

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Email me, support @ zenstudios dot com and we’ll get this sorted out.

  171. Japio says:

    Hi, I downloaded Zen Pinball 2 on my MacBook Pro witch ox Maverick. Now i want to buy new tables, but it doesn’t work. When i want to buy the computer first flips the gamescreen away and ask for my apple-is-password. Then it ask ; do you want to buy the table. I click “yes’. than it ask again for my password and want me to answer te secret questions. From that moment my Istore tries te start, but he can”t. And if i click back on the game it says: ‘unable purchase the table; onbekende fout (that’s dutch for ‘unknown error’) I already tried it to log out first from my apple-id, but that doesn’t work either. I hope you can help me, thanx!

    • Japio says:

      Btw. i already tried reinstalling. And also looked for the files like that are subscribed in the answer for “Thomas Silva’ on january 20th. i couldn’t find them either, but it still doesn’t work. It’s a shame because i really love this game. Hope that you got another solution, grtz

      • Japio says:

        I solved the problem. I bouhgt another small game, so i don’t had to answer the secret questions from my apple-id for 15 minutes. That was the thing where it went wrong and gave the error. I’m happy to play the game now, but i hope that you can solve this for in the future. Because i don’t buy every time another game to work around my ‘secret questions’ when i want to have a new table…

  172. Borss says:

    I didn’t realize you had to buy the teams separate for Ultimate Football in Ipad. I bought The Zen club when I wanted Arsenal. I ended up getting both but I didn’t want the Zen one. Is there anyway I can get credit for another table download instead?

  173. ArgyleG86 says:

    Hello. I recently purchased a 320GB hard drive for my XBOX 360 and received
    a code for Pinball FX2 Core, the full game, including the 4 basic tables
    that come with it. I am receiving an error when attempting to redeem this
    code. Microsoft told me to contact you so that I could receive a new,
    working code. Thank you.

  174. Rockbadger says:

    Hi. I have 14 full tables of ZP2 on my PS3 (and a few demos). I need to clear hard-drive space. How can I remove tables that I don’t want? If I unistall Zen Pinball 2 can I re-install just the tables I want?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Yep! Just click the table icons for each table you want to install when you have ZP2 reinstalled :)

      • Rockbadger says:

        Awesome! Thanks for your help, and so many good tables!

        • Rockbadger says:

          PS – I have done as you instructed. Actually, I must admit that upon re-installing the tables they take up very little HD space!! I’ll probably end up re-installing all the tables I purchased. Thanks heaps for some awesomely cool games and some very sophisticated gameplay. One very happy customer :)
          Zen Pinball = one of the best gameplay of the modern era.

  175. Francesco P says:

    Good evening, I noticed that on both my ipad mini on my iphone that the application is started just after a few seconds it closes. I tried reinstalling everything but the problem remains the same ends.
    What should you do? It should perhaps have apsettare an update?

  176. Juan Daniel Hurtado says:

    In my iPad io5 when i started zen pinball it crash and close when The notificacion game center is Shown. What can i do?

  177. Craig Bailey says:

    I have the same issues as above, the game crashes back to the desktop (no errors shown) 3 seconds after launching. The splash screen appears, and then u can just see the game centre screen load before it crashes. I have tried uninstalling and clean booting to no avail … Help please, this is the only ipad game I keep going back to!!


  178. august hyde says:

    Sirs at Zen studios thanks for making great pinball games on PS3 me being an avid fan can truly be thankful for your company and your software development team that being said i have an issue to which you possibly could assist me with i downloaded Zen pinball for PS4 and i received a message on the zen pinball game stating that i could port over tables already purchased on PS3 and i have purchased quite a few this is great news, the bad news is as i depressed the required button after searching i got a message stating i have no tables to port and after looking at my downloads i in fact still see all the tables i have purchased so my question to you at Zen studios how do i port over previously purchased tables to PS4 from PS3? Thanks for info and God Bless

    • Craig Bailey says:

      Come on (Zen) guys, it has been over a week since this was first reported – can you please provide your customers with at least a response? I have bought several extra tables but obviously cannot use any of them.


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Patch incoming very soon, just awaiting approval from Apple :)

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Received your email, check your inbox, August :)

  179. Matej Potočnik says:

    I have the same issue as Craig Bailey and Juan Daniel Hurtado

  180. Craig Bailey says:

    Great – looking forward!! As someone who works in IT and specifically in change management, I am curious to know how something like this could’ve slipped through – are u not beta testers to apple’s iOS updates? Is regression testing carried out at all?


  181. Patrick says:

    Recently, my Zen Pinball game started crashing when I start the application up. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it has made no difference. I am running an IPAD AIR, version 7.1 (11D167), and the most recent version of Zen Pinball. This issue started to occur when I stopped a game of “Football Super League” in the middle of a game. After that, every time I tried to restart Zen it would crash immediately after I see the Zen Studios screen and “Welcome” game center icon. I have done a little troubleshooting and have realized that this only happens when I have my WiFi turned on. If I have an internet connection and start the app up, it crashes. If I turn it off my WiFi it starts fine but if I turn it back on the game crashes. Is this a known bug? I have read through several other entries and see that their have been issues with tables crashing with WiFi enabled but didn’t see anything concerning the entire app itself.

    Update…. While I was typing this note, with my WiFi on, I tried restarting the app. It would get to the Zen Studios screen and show the “Welcome” game center icon but stop loading. I let it sit for 5 minutes and nothing happened. I uninstalled and re-installed Zen and now things seem fine. Is there some hard tie between WiFi and the iOS game center on the iPAD? Possibly some data inconsistency between the app and game center which couldn’t be tied back to anything on the Zen side? Please let me know if you need additional info for troubleshooting.

  182. Juan Daniel Hurtado says:

    Thanks for repair the IOS app

  183. Trish says:

    Have been using Pinball FX2 for quite some time and have purchased many different tables over the past few years. Had to perform a factory restore on my desktop and when tiles were restored I had to get the app from the store again. When I signed in to play the pinball app my gamer name restored but none of my purchased tables are showing and it is asking me to repurchase them…..HELP!!! I went to the cart and tried to restore tables but nothing…….SERIOUS HELP NEEDED!!!!!!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Can you email me, support at, it’ll be much faster to help you out that way! :)

      • Trish says:

        Can’t sing your praises loud enough. You were not only timely in your response to my request but your suggestions and fixes were clear and direct. ZenStudios has a fan for life as well as a very satisfied customer. Keep up the fantastic job! BarbieBobomb you are the best!

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          You totally made my day – I’m so glad I could help you out after the crazy day you had yesterday! Feel free to email any time you have a question :)

  184. Jack Miller says:

    hello, first off love your games. I am however having a small issue with latency. It seems to only affect my tv and when i go to a friends it works great. I have a 47 in LG 3D WiFi HDTV and it just seems slow. Almost half a sec of latency sometimes. Anyway i was hpping you would have some tips for me maybe settings i can adjust or really just anything, i really want to keep playing…

  185. Juan Daniel Hurtado says:

    Hi’ when i play droids in ios5 IPAD The pinball crash. I reset The iPad. And crash too. I buy The four pinball and The 3 dont crash. Can you repair it? Thanks

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      What OS version are you using? Have you updated the app from the appstore? Make sure the latest update is installed, restart and let me know if it’s still happening.

  186. Chad says:

    I have purchased all of the Star Wars tables on my iPad and was able to import them to my iPhone. However I do not see a way to import them into my PS3?! Is there a way to do so? I do not want to purchase them again just to have them on my PS3.



    • Chad says:

      Forgive my above post. After reading the other posts above I found that there is not a way to import across different platforms.
      Are you working on a way to do this from one platform to another? I really don’t want to have to pay for all of the tables again just to get them on my PS3.
      Thanks for creating such an awesome game!!!

  187. Pumm3l W33d says:

    Hi, I wanted to say that I’m a really big Star Wars fan, and that I really like the Pinball sets that you have released. :)

    I would think that it would be great if you would also make the original physical tables playable, like Star Wars Episode 1 Williams 2000. I would definantely dig that and I’m sure many others would too.

    I’d like to know if that’s possible in the future.

    Thanks Zen and keep up the good work!

  188. RyanC says:

    Hey at ZenStudios,
    I’ve been playing tables on the Xbox and bought quite a few. Just recently found the iPhone app and then the Mac desktop app- I understand that I can’t transfer purchased tables from the Xbox, but would like to know if I can buy tables in the desktop app, which uses my same Apple ID as my iPhone, and have them import to the iPhone. Is this a possibility?

  189. Rebekah Kiesling says:

    I have recently downloaded the Zen Pinball 2 Captain America Table for $2.99. The issue is that although it is downloaded, I am unable to play it. Could someone help me with this? Thank you.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Rebekah! What platform are you playing on? If it’s PSN, try downloading the demo version of the table from the PSN store, restart and see if that helps. :)

  190. TK says:

    In the zen pinball app the game keeps saying I am not signed into Game Center when every othe app I have that uses Game Center says I am loged on. Can u fix it so I may see the high scores and my achevements?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      We can’t fix Game Center, as it is not our program, but you might try signing out and then back in, or restarting to see if that helps.

  191. Del O'Loughlin says:

    I originally downloaded Zen Pinball on my Toshiba Thrive and bought a bunch of tables. I ended up getting a Kindle Fire HDX and downloaded the Zen Pinball app again, but am unable to get my tables to download. I signed into the Swarm with the same email as I used when I had my old tablet.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      If you bought them on the Google Play Store, you can only restore them on devices that support Google Play, and the primary account must be set to the same account you used to purchase them. Swarm is just there for keeping records/scores.

  192. AXXXE says:

    Dear Zen people. As a Swarm account holder, my Handle is AXXXE.
    You will note I have a few good scores, especially in Droids. I likes seeing my Handle there as AXXXE, but by allowing the change to the new Google service, my REAL NAME comes up there and I do not like that at all. I have had to disable this immediately.

    Please review this situation. I do not mind the idea IF these google services can simply display my gamer name and nothing else. If there is a way to do that, please let me know.

    I am very very concerned and angry about this.



  193. JJ says:

    I attempted to import the tables I purchased on PS3 to my PS4 and some didn’t work. I attempted import and said no tables were available to import.

    I downloaded demo games for each I had purchased. Some worked, some did not (including the classics). When I try to play them I get the option to purchase. I tried and it does absolutely nothing. No screen pops up, no store, simply cycles over and over again.

    Any info or help is greatly appreciated. I certainly hope I do not have to re-install the entire game. 30 tables or so is a lot to download.

  194. DrunkenPL says:

    I’ve recently bought two tables for Zen on my iPad. I wanted to play them on Mac but I have to buy them again. It doesn’t make any sense?!

  195. Jon says:


    I tried downloading the Marvel Pinball app for the ipad, but when I launch it, the app crashes as soon as it gets to the main screen. (When the notice that a guardians of the galaxy board is available.) Is there anything I can do to fix this? I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but nothing works.

  196. hiro says:


    Please do a game of thrones pinball
    Imagine using the westeros map!!!! If the game do sucess create a second one using essos map!


  197. Marcus says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich habe ein Samsung Galaxy S3 mit neuster Software. Auf dem Gerät ist Pinball 2 (Starwars) mit den Spielen
    Darth Vader, Episode V, Episode VI-Return oft he Jedi, Starfighter Assault, The Clone Wars und Boba Fett.
    Ich möchte weitere Tische kaufen, bekomme aber immer die Meldung:
    „Du musst den letzten Patch installieren, um diesen Tisch spielen zu können“

    Wie mache ich das? Können Sie mir bitte weiterhelfen? Ich finde das Spiel einfach super und möchte mir
    weitere Spiele kaufen.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Peine

    Marcus Ziball

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Gehen Sie auf die Aufnahme in den App Google Play Store und es sollte eine Option, um das Update zu installieren sein :)

  198. Ophelia says:

    For a while now, I can’t get my scores onto the online leaderboards in Marvel Pinball for the Nintendo 3DS. I have all of the settings set to their defaults, and wireless is always turned on on my 3DS. The scores specific to the system still work fine, however.

  199. Stumpy Rumpy says:


    I saw that the original marvel pack was released on Xbox One (which is great because that’s the one I have been waiting for, need me some Spider-man) I have it on the Xbox 360 but have been unable to transfer it over to my Xbox One. I have had no issues with this with my other tables. wondering if you can help me out here?

    Stumpy Rumpy.

  200. Chele says:

    I am experiencing a lag issue with all my tables (10 of them). The lag is so bad there is no way to play them. I’ve cleared the cache, even deleted some of my other apps., force stopped some other apps and still get the horrible lag. I am using a samsung `

  201. Chele says:

    I am experiencing a serious lag on all ten of the tables I’ve purchased. I’m using a samsung galaxy 3 tablet and have just recently had to deal with this issue. I have cleared the cache, even deleted some of my other apps, forced others to stop and still the lag is so bad it renders them all unplayable. I really love the tables but fear I may have to ask for refund and delete the app. If I can’t come up with something soon.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Some Android devices have an accessibility feature called magnification gestures, which can cause the app to lag. You can disable it under in your device’s settings: Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures. Please let me know if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

  202. David says:

    I just downloaded Zen Pinball on my Ipad2 (iOS 8.0.2). I turned off background refresh in Settings as recommended but the game still pauses during play. What else can I do?

  203. Eizen says:

    Dear Zen Pinball Team,

    I have a problem, i purchased the “classic” pack for zen pinball 2 on PS4, and i can play 3 levels out of the 4 offered. So Tesla, Shaman and V12 are working, but the El dorado level always end up in a bug and turn off the game. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, to update the lastest version of the psn, but nothing seems to work…
    I find it sad to pay for something you can’t use, could someone give me an explanation and help me to make things work.


  204. Juan says:

    I love what you’ve done Zen Pinball HD for Android, but I’ve noticed some tables from the other versions are missing (like the Spider-Man table). Do you have plans to port them to Android?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      The Spider-Man table is available in our Marvel Pinball app (but we can’t publish it in our Zen Pinball HD app because of licensing restrictions).

  205. byron barnes says:

    just updated my 4s to IOS 8 and forgot what login I used to purchase my tables, how do I get them back?

  206. James says:

    I know that it’s been said a bunch of times that there is no way to tranfer purchased tables between platforms or from andriod to iOS . Can you elaborate a tiny bit , plenty of games allow me to transfer my in game purchases between andriod and iOS , why is this such an issue with zen ? I feel like I shouldn’t have to purchase my tables again if I switch to either devices .

  207. wallace barnes says:

    I contacted apple about the purchases I made on this app, found the correct apple id used to purchase the app. but I still cant restore my purchased tables

  208. Nick says:

    PinballFX2 on Windows 8.1 seems to have been redesigned, and the new front end has lost almost all of the tables I bought. The remaining tables – including the one included in the original free game – are now demanding that I buy them to remove the ads. I already bought them. What has gone wrong?

  209. Ben says:

    I bought several of the Marvel and Star Wars tables through the Amazon app store to play on my Android tablet. I recently got a new Android phone and want to play the tables on my new phone, but the Game wants me to purchase the tables that I already own on my Android tablet. How can I get access to my already purchased tables on my new phone?

  210. Jon says:

    I bought, downloaded, and installed the new South Park tables for PS4…but whenever I load up the game and try to select those tables, it tells me to download and install them and takes me to the psn and wants me to download and install them but it won’t let me do anything. I have deleted the whole game and reinstalled all the tables and these are still the only two tables that it won’t let me play. Please help!

    • Jon says:

      After looking at your forums, I saw that you suggested to someone else to try a restore of licenses and that worked for me. Thank you all for taking the time to help people with issues they have and thanks for the great tables and many hours of enjoyment they bring! :-)

  211. Dirk says:

    PinballFX2 on Windows 8.1 seems to have been redesigned, and the new front end has lost almost all of the tables I bought. The remaining tables – including the one included in the original free game – are now demanding that I buy them to remove the ads. I already bought them.
    From Microsoft I got the hint to deinstall the whole game. But now it is not possible to install it again from the store, it has been deleted from there.
    If it is possible to answer in German, would be great, my English isn’t very good. Thanks!

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hoffentlich werden Sie verstehen, ich bin mit Google Translate :) Das Spiel ist für Wartungsarbeiten heruntergefahren, wird aber wieder bald.

      • Dirk says:

        Thank You, I understand what you told me. But when the game is back, where can I download it again? Or does it simply appear again at the Microsoft Xbox Marketplace? Thanks for answering!

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          Once it’s back up, you should be able to click the individual table icons within the game to redownload them :)

          • Dirk says:

            Sorry, but how can I be “able to click the individual table icons within the game” when the game is deinstalled, means: no more on my PC?

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            The game will come back up on the store shortly, then you can download it and click the individual table icons to download the tables you’ve already purchased.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      The game is back up, please see our recent facebook update for details:

      • Dirk says:

        Thank you, they are back, except of the star wars tables, but I think they are following later. “Mars”, which was free, now I had to purchase, but it’s ok, too.
        Would be nice when there were some more tables (I have 30) in future…

  212. Steve says:

    I bought the Captain America and Fantastic Four tables on PS3 but when I try to import them to PS4 they are not found. The other tables imported just fine.

    Is there a trick to getting these to trigger?

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Are they installed in Marvel Pinball on PS3? You’ll need to install them in Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 first, then import to PS4 (the import tool can’t pull from Marvel, only Zen Pinball 2). Let me know if that isn’t the issue :)

      • Steve says:

        I don’t have the ps3 anymore, I bought the tables a few years ago. I have the original tables (Spider-man, Wolverine, etc.) and the Avengers, WW Hulk ones that imported to the PS4 without an issue. For some reason the Captain America and FF ones will not import.

        • BarbieBobomb says:

          If they were only installed in the separate Marvel Pinball game, they won’t import to Zen Pinball 2 on PS4. Have you tried downloading them via the PSN store on a PC?

          • Steve says:

            I can see them in the list of purchases, FF on 06/02/2011 and Capt America on 6/28/2011, but no downloads.

            I think I am just going to give up with them. Thanks though.

          • BarbieBobomb says:

            Try downloading the Zen Pinball 2 versions of them, rather than the Marvel Pinball version from the PSN store. :)

  213. Dirk says:

    Hello and sorry, my 6 “Star-Wars”-tables still aren’t in the new menu of the game, neither for download nor for playing. Following the link to your Facebook update (, i read that another person has reported the same problem. This was 28./29. Oktober and there is still no answer.

  214. Brandon Joseph Cowan says:

    I Just Got A Idea Way Not A Evil Dead Or Army Of Darkness Pinball Fx2 DLC? I’ll Buy That.

  215. donny says:

    Hi. I am sorry for the frustration. It seemed the problem had nothing to do with ZEN studio doing something wrong.

    After hours i called microsoft. I have the solution. Still don’t know what caused the issue but the problem of not be able to play offline is solved.

    Solution: (you have to be online to solve it though)

    Go to settings on the 360. Then go to account, go to licence transfer. After that go to download history. Search for Pinball FX2 (Full) and maybe Pinball FX 2.
    Download it again. Both if necessary.
    Pull you cable or wifi adapter from the web. And voila. FX pinball works again. No unlocking from tables anymore.
    So sorry Zen Studio. I love the game and i think i am gonna spend some more money now on all tables.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Glad it’s working now!

      • donny says:

        Yes me too! Just 1 question i still have. All other games have some sort bof pass and with that you can have a discount on buying all dlc. Buying all tables on the 360 is more expensive than all my Forza DLC together. If there was a package , lets say 50 dollar for all, more people would buy these pinball machines. The game is great and i love the 10 tables i have.
        But to get all its too expensive for most gamers. Wish they did a discount package.

  216. Nicolas says:

    Alert ! Alert ! Alert !!!

    The IOS app crach on an iPhone 5S 64 Go and 32 Go.
    A have all the tables and my phones are up to date.

    An update please.


  217. Sunny says:

    “Zen Pinball” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Zen Pinball” and download it again from the App Store.

    Lately I am getting this everytime I deleted the app and reinstalled from Apple apps store. I am running OS X 10

  218. Daniel F says:

    I really like the game of Pinball and have the Steam version.

    I have a question about the game is Pinball (Zen, South Park, The Walking Dead, Marvel, Star Wars).
    Are considering launching for Windows Phone?

    Thank you. :)

  219. Robbie says:

    Im having a problem getting zen pinball to work on my ipad, I’m on ios 8.1.
    I’m getting this message= In order to improve Zen Pinball’s user experience and security infrastructure on iOS, we are pushing through a mandatory patch today that requires all users to resign in in order to download…
    Ive been getting this message the past 4 days.
    Ive re-signed in on itunes and i can see game center confirm with a welcome back, but im unable to re-download or buy any pin ball tables (With the message= Downloads unavailable at this time). Ive also tried deleting and re-instaling but I’m still getting the same message, any ideas on how i can get this fixed?

  220. Ross says:


    I would like to say thanks to Zen studio. After last update pinball stoped working. I had to reinstal it and i lost all my local highscores. I have ipad 3 and i bought 37 pinball table. I am deleating this pinball from my ipad and moving to pinball arcade.

  221. Albert says:

    Jónapot. Nem épp világrengetö probléma, inkább boszantó. Megvásároltam ps3ra a fantasztikus négyest és az amerika kapitány asztalokat. Mikor meprobáltam Marvelpinballba játszani velük, akkor szembesültem vele hogy ez a két asztal ien formába nem elérhetö a Magyar storon. Ezután megnéztem Angolon, ott fentvannak. A kérdésem az, hogy valahogy be tudom pakolni Marvelba öket, vagy ez már ien.

  222. Dave says:

    I have a bunch of tables on my Kindle Fire HD. Is there any way to get them on my iPad, or am I supposed to buy them all over again? Seems like a simple question but I can’t find the answer anywhere. Thanks!

  223. Dirk says:

    Hallo, die Star-Wars-Tische sind zwar wieder da, aber mit einem schweren Fehler in “Boba Fett”: das Spiel stürzt immer kurz vor dem Ende ab.
    Ebenso wenig wurde der Fehler im Tisch “World War Hulk” behoben, bei dem das Spiel sich oft in der “Arena” aufhängt.
    Finde ich irgendwie enttäuschend; es wäre doch einfacher und kundenfreundlicher gewesen, Fehler zu beseitigen als ein neues Design zu machen, das eher noch zusätzlichen Ärger bereitet…
    Danke für Antwort im voraus!

  224. Ryan S says:

    I was wondering I could suggest Hasbro tables? Because GI Joe (80s cartoon), Transformers G1, and My Little Pony FIM would be cool!

  225. apr says:

    This game is unplayable.
    Just tried on PS4, and cannot download any table because of the crap “Age restriction” message.
    There is no age restriction settings in PSN, and I’m over 30, and no problem with any other game.

    How do you suppose to sell your software, if customers cannot download tables?

  226. Anders Hjärpe says:

    Im on a new PS4, and when I try to download any table, all I get is the “Cannot download due to age restriction” message. I purchased, downloaded and played most table on my PS3 using the same PSN/SEN account without problem. The issue only happens on the new PS4.

    On a Side note, When I start ZEN Pinball 2, it says I cant use any network features becasue an update is needed. An update was downloaded and installed however, right after I downloaded Zen Pinball from PSN store.

  227. Arno says:

    Happy Christmas ecery one!!!
    I tried to find any information about heroes within pack for wii u, but I don’t know if it’ll be released. A new hope for 2015?

  228. Arno says:


    I’m just trying to find any information about the heroes within pack for wii u to complete my pinball tables.
    A new hope for 2015?


  229. Chris says:

    I Just downloaded Zen Pinball 2, when I go to play I can’t see the ball. I see a shadow and a few black dots where the ball should be. Everything else works.

  230. Quentin says:

    Hello ! I have a problem on my tablet.
    I brought South park pinball (2 pinball) + Marvel Pinball.
    I just download Zen pinball to “globalize” all apps. It’s imposible for me to add to my pinball librairy. “Aucun plateau disponible por la restoration”
    I read :

    BarbieBobomb says:
    March 30, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    Try downloading them again individually. As long as you are using the same account, you can’t be charged twice.

    I tried to do it? But i’m be charged 1.79€ for the south park pinball while i already pay +3€ for this. What can i do ? Thank you.

  231. George says:

    Hi I have a Nexus 7 and I bought the star wars tables and now I cant restore them when I hit the shopping cart and I don’t want to buy again because I already purchased them I also set an email to the support team with the same issue



  232. Albert says:

    Bocsánat az angolért, de ez van.

    I hav prpblem on PS3 konzol. I bay classik pak but Eldorado hav a dug. The firs ball going dovn & the game stpp, pointmatrix is black. I kan juz the flippers & kan push the tablet & kan liv the game. I erace & dovnload it meni times in diferent wais but the problem stil ther. Dovnload from Hungarien stor & prob it from UK to.

  233. Myklsan says:

    Camera Bug, Spider-Man, OS X 10.10.2


    Multi-ball triggers camera change. After multi-ball the camera does not revert to previously selected camera view.

    It’s a shame. It’s such a nice table and for me the enjoyment is spoiled. I’d prefer it not change after I’ve chosen my desired angle, but I’d settle for it returning to the previous angle.

    I greatly enjoy many of your other tables.

    Will you be fixing this or shall I just delete the table?

    Thank you

  234. Peter says:

    I have Pinball FX2 on my pc. It is running windows 8. I’ve bought a bunch of tables as well. It is combined with Xbox games under my Xbox gamertag….SneakyZi.

    I also have an Xbox one. The game on the xbox one is not showing the purchased tables. Can they be transferred since they are under the same account. I’d be happy to buy more tables, but not if they can’t be transferred. Is this possible, or do I have to wait for windows 10 for it to be transferable?


  235. Albert says:

    Hello again
    On PS3 play i Klon wars. I maik all 5 batles, komplit cancelar, but finale konfrontacion startet not ( i do it on Star Wars pinball & Zen pinball 2 to). Do i wath wrong, or is tis a bug? (Hungaryen stor)

  236. Jay says:

    Had a power outage yesterday and now my Zen Pinball on PS3 is showing strange behavior. When you have the highest score out of you and friends the table icon on the main menu shows a little gold reef next to the trophy icons. I recently added a friend who has higher scores than me and those reefs rightfully disappeared. But after the power outage and a system reboot they reappeared. They disappeared when I changed menus or selected a table then returned to the main menu.
    But that’s not the big issue. The troubling behavior happens when I restart a table from the menu. Usually when a table loads you’re able to press the launch button/stick immediately to start play. But now the auto-launch button and stick have no effect for 10-20 seconds after restarting a table. The camera will almost do the full tour of the table before I’m able to launch. It’s worse than that- sometimes you can hear the launch sound effect but the ball still doesn’t launch. What should I do? I need some type of fix asap. It’s very fustrating.
    I have FX and FX2 on my 360 – all the tables. I have a few tables on my Iphone. And now I’m repurchasing them for my PS3. Could I delete the game then re-download and re-install and see if that works?? But before I do that would I keep all my trophies and scores I’ve obtained.
    Can someone give me the correct answer? I need my pinball.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Don’t delete anything just yet – I will check with the team and see what they suggest. I’ve never heard of this happening before!

      Just a couple of questions: What tables are affected? Is this Zen Pinball or Zen Pinball 2 on PS3?

  237. Simon Kempster says:

    Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron table price query.

    On your blog, you are advertising the UK price of this new table as £1.99 – see On the UK Playstation Store, it’s listed at £2.49 – see!/en-gb/zen-pinball-2-marvel's-avengers-age-of-ultron-(unlock)/cid=EP4042-NPEB00911_00-ZENPINBALL2ULTRK

    Which price is correct? A lot of people, myself included, have already purchased it at the higher price.

  238. Marco Osuna says:


    I request support. I purchased the Wolvarine table and haven´t been able to download it again since i change my phone and download the game.

    I press the restore purchase button but it just show “wait” and nothing else happens.


    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Hi Marco, try restarting your device and tap the shopping cart icon again or tap the table icon itself to redownload. If that doesn’t work, email us, support at zenstudios dot com.

  239. Darthkox says:

    Xbox One Pinball Fx 2 freezes after start. Tried to reinstall two times, doesnt help. Tried to clean player data, nothing. Tried to run game on two different accounts, nothing. Please help. Dont want to do console factory reset.

  240. AJ says:

    I have been an avid player of Zen Pinball on my xbox for years. Ive even gone as far as buying most of the tables a second time just so I could have them all on my phone as well, which I was a bit irritated about but didn’t say anything out of support for your game. So here is my problem…..I recently bought a new laptop, installed Zen onto my computer, and even connected it with my xbox account. Now it says Im forced to buy all the games for a third time if I wish to play them on my computer? It seems that if you have bought the games already once for your xbox that you should not be forced to buy them all over again just to play them on your computer…..thats ridiculous. Am I missing something? Is there a way for me to get my tables, which Ive already purchased twice, without having to pay for them a third time?

  241. Nick says:

    I recently purchased the 4 core pack of pinball tables on the wii u. The problem is that they do not become available to download or play. They are greyed out on main screen and when I click on them it says to purchase. At the wii shop it says already purchased. What should I do? thanks.

    • BarbieBobomb says:

      Download the demos as well as the unlocks for the pack on the eShop. Let me know if you still need help :)

  242. stylesurfer says:


    I purchased “Spider-Man”. The game is installed. But I need a new patch for playing it. I can’t find it. System: Amazon Fire TV

  243. bob says:

    hi I have a quick question I have nearly all your tables purchased on pinball fx2 on xbox one will they not transfer over to windows? even through the Microsoft store where I got the copy of pinball fx2? I understand publishing fees for different companies but why if I can sign in to my xbox account through the game can I not get my purchases?

  244. BarbieBobomb says:

    What platform are you on?

  245. BarbieBobomb says:

    Indy would be awesome, but no plans to do that at this time. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  246. Chele says:

    sorry ummm platform?\

  247. Chele says:

    I’m not real computer savvy so please bere with me. I don’t know what u mean by what platform that’s being used

  248. Sunny says:

    OS X 10 = 10.10 Yosemite = MAC
    It started happening 2 or 3 days ago.

  249. apr says:

    Thanks, for replying.

    I’ve download the demo on PS3 years before, no problem (I’m on the Hungarian store)

    Now I’ve downloaded also in my new PS4 (same account), to try out the PS4 exclusive free table.
    Game and latest patch installed fine, but cannot download any table because of “age restriction”.

    Parental controls was on the default 9, I changed it to ‘Always’. My birth day (I’m over 30) of course is real and not faked in my account.

    (Recently played Diablo 3 on PS4 without any issue.)

    How can we fix this?

  250. David says:

    Chele – platform…Ipad, Android, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

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