We are very excited to announce our latest creation, KickBeat! KickBeat is an experimental music game for the PlayStation Vita, offering a fresh, innovative new spin on the music game genre. Here is a first look trailer:



As you can see, KickBeat mixes a beat matching mechanic with hard-hitting music from well-known artists such as Pendulum and Marilyn Manson, and even indie projects like Celldweller and Blue Stahli, KickBeat offers several ways to interact with music and 3D characters! Our Creative Director, Neil Sorens shares a bit about the inspiration for this avant-garde game:


“Several years ago, we asked ourselves, ‘What would happen if we took a beat-matching game, replaced the abstract cues like bars, arrows, and button icons with kung fu fight scenes, and set it all to some incredibly intense music?’ We spent three years turning that idea into in KickBeat, and anyone looking for something fresh and exciting and the music genre is in for a treat.”


Please see our post on the PlayStation Blog for a more in-depth look at KickBeat and feel free to ask questions! To join in the KickBeat discussion, join us on the forums, where we will be answering questions and talking all things KickBeat!