In previous blog entries, we revealed details on several kinds of troops you’ll encounter along with details about various multiplayer modes.  Today let’s take a look at some of the weapons and spells you will wield during battle.


The first weapon you’ll encounter is the ballista, which is mounted just above your castle’s gate and fire javelins or harpoons depending on which side you’re on. The javelins and harpoons have the shortest regeneration period and will be your best asset in early levels. Once you become familiar enough with aiming the ballista, you can even shoot your opponent’s javelins and other projectiles right out of the air!


If you’re fighting for the Kingdom, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Tri-Stone early on in the campaign. This unassuming set of stones will be a great asset for smashing groups of oncoming Vikings as well as bashing in their castle walls. Just check out some of the damage being done below! That castle doesn’t stand a chance.



While you wait for your favorite projectiles to regenerate, you can cast spells on your opponent by hitting Y and selecting a spell. One of our favorites is called Heavenly Sword. Casting this spell conjures several sharp swords over a troop of your choice and slices down upon them. Use this spell and your enemies won’t know what hit them!



Need a projectile with a little more power behind it? Look no further than the gas-powered Battering Sheep. Sure, he’s got some digestive problems, but once that little sheep takes off, a well-aimed shot can spell disaster for an opponent’s fortress. Not baaaaad.


If the barrage of hammers, javelins, and other airborne artillery becomes too much, cast the Projectile Shield spell for a quick break! The shield will block all incoming projectiles, but will allow you to continue shooting through it to best your enemy. At level one, the shield will last ten seconds but as it is leveled up, it will last longer.



A few pointers:


  • You earn gold coins by taking down enemy troops which is used to upgrade weapons between levels. Headshots will give you more gold than shots to the body, so aim high!
  • Spawn troops by hitting X to bring up your troop selection menu. Each type of troop requires a certain amount of food (which regenerates automatically) so keep that in mind when selecting which troops to send into battle!
  • Be careful with your ballista, friendly fire can undo all your hard work in an instant!
  • Thoroughly confused? Check out some gameplay footage below and feel free to ask questions in the comments.


We’ll have more news on CastleStorm in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back! You can read more about the game on the official CastleStorm website and see the Zen Studios Youtube channel for our latest trailers. Take a look at our CastleStorm wallpapers and download them for free!