If you Pre-Order Out of Ammo until January 30 you’ll get CastleStorm VR for free with the purchase!

Your tactical prowess will be tested in this unique blend of strategy and first person combat, first developed for PC by RocketWerkz. We here at Zen loved the game there, and wanted to bring it to PlayStation so even more players can enjoy it!

Play Survival, the main game mode of Out of Ammo where you’ll act as a general on the field of battle by building up an unbreachable base, issuing commands to your troops, placing buildings in key spots and calling in bombing runs. But you’re not just the general!

Take direct control of your soldiers to defend yourself hands-on and make short work of the baddies with a variety of unit types and weapons.

Put your command to the test, spanning 8 different locations — each different in look, feel and gameplay. Survive the tight spaces and enemy ambushes of Urban warfare, test your skills on the open plains of the Desert where the dunes offer no protection, or battle on the others like Beachhead, Alpine, Harbor, Woodland and Contact.

Try your skill in three FPS modes if you prefer a hands on approach. Extract valuable intel in Vertigo and escape while waves of guards try to stop you. Survive behind enemy lines in Icarus, scavenge for ammo and reach the extraction points why every enemy is looking for you. Protect a downed chopper with your sniper rifle in Overwatch, where you protect your allies until they can be evacuated.

Grab your rifle, don the camo and jump into the action soldier! The odds are against you and your survival depends on how good your aim is and how quick you reload.

So you’re either a tactical genius or a combat hardened grunt, Out of Ammo is the VR experience you’ve been waiting for.

Available January 30, Pre-Order and receive CastleStorm VR for free.