It’s no illusion – Williams Pinball Volume 3 arrives with Theatre of Magic, Champion’s Pub and Safe Cracker on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also to the iOS Appstore and Google Play on Mobile.

We’ve been seeing the energy of the community ramping up as we started the year. We read every new tweet, comment or email that said ‘Just give at least a hint of Volume 3!’ with a proud smile. Now the time is here to tell you about the newest additions to the Pinball FX3 library.

Theatre of Magic has been one of the most requested tables since we announced our Williams partnership last year – well deserved for a table that’s Top 20 on Pinside and the #3 table in the International Pinball Database! This Bally classic presents a shadowy old theatre where wondrous powers have lain dormant for years. Meet the ravishing young magician who vanishes into her magician’s hat, and floats in mid-air, or levitate balls in the Spirit Ring – you’ll see this old venue holds many secrets…

A The Champion Pub machine has been the jewel of the Zen Studios office for years. With only 1369 units produced, this rare game is a pleasure to walk by every day. Come on in and pound a few in this Bally pinball classic and become The Pub Champion! You’ll have all the equipment you need to train for this prestigious title, including a heavy bag, a speed bag and the part Tom mentions in the video – the jump rope!

On Safe Cracker, you work against the clock to break into the bank vault that holds magic tokens. But this won’t be an easy feat, the bank is full of guards, laser beams, alarms, exploding gifts and even cyber-dogs – yes, you heard me right, I said cyber-dogs!

So, there you go, that’s the low down on these three fantastic tables. And just like our previous Williams Pinball packs, Williams Pinball: Volume 3 is available to play both in their classic original form as well as the remastered form with updated graphics, animated toys, and a host of new features!  

You’ll hear more about this new Volume if you check in with us on social media! Either on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Discord – we are there to talk.