A Collection of 19 Tables with Exclusive Features will Arrive at Retail and on the Nintendo eShop in September 2019!

Star Wars Celebration starts today and we have some huge news to kick off the Zen Studios presence at the show – Star Wars Pinball is coming to the Nintendo Switch this September! Come by the Zen Studios booth and be the first to try out the game! Dead Flip will be joining us for 2 onlocation livestreams so make sure to tune in for some Star Wars Pinball action on Friday and Saturday!

This brand new game will have the entire collection of our 19 Star Wars tables spanning all eras of the saga and takes full advantage of the unique properties of the console like HD Rumble and vertical orientation.
Wait, it gets better. Star Wars Pinball will release both to the Nintendo eShop and to retail shelves, so you will be able to add the first Star Wars game on the Nintendo Switch to your physical cartridge collection!

The Star Wars Pinball Nintendo Switch collection will offer unique gameplay modes only available in this edition. You can take up arms in a community-wide Galactic Struggle, which allows you to contribute points to the light or dark side, depending on your preference. Likewise, a new Career mode will allow you to join the ranks of the Jedi or Sith through 50 Career Ranks. Simply playing any table unlocks special Force Power bonuses that can be applied toward bigger scores to maximize your true potential, Padawan.

We have had requests from our Star Wars fan pinball wizards to put this collection on the Nintendo Switch since we announced Pinball FX3 for the console and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share these pins with the Nintendo community.

We are bringing every Star Wars table ever released to Star Wars Pinball on the Nintendo Switch, the full list includes:

  • Movie Adaptations: Episodes IV, V, VI, VII and VIII, plus Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • TV Adaptations: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels
  • Characters: Han Solo, Darth Vader, The Calrissian Chronicles, Boba Fett, Droids
  • Locations: Ahch-To Island, Battle of Mimban
  • Themes: Jedi vs. Sith (Masters of the Force), X-wings vs. TIE fighters (Starfighter Assault), being the bad guy (Might of the First Order)

We are thrilled to bring you the Star Wars Pinball tables and hope you’ll join us in a galaxy far, far away…

Keep up with the news on either Zen Studios or Pinball FX social channels and never miss a beat until release!