…and a few tips your kid-self would have loved to know when you were sinking quarters into these games.

Williams Pinball Volume 4 — a three-pack including White Water, Red and Ted’s Road Show and Hurricane — is now available to download on:
PlayStation 4
Xbox One & Windows 10

Nintendo Switch

Also individually on Google Play today. iOS App Store version will arrive shortly!

It’s the early ‘90s. Life is good — you’ve just beaten Super Metroid.
You go down to the local arcade to play some pinball. You finally managed to start multiball on Road Show, hit the skillshot on Hurricane, and nailed that shot into Insanity Falls on White Water on White Water. As these tables arrive to Pinball FX3 here are a few tips you wish you knew back then:

White Water has a tricky sinkhole return, just left above the flippers. If you don’t want to lose your ball right when you would get it back, keep the right flipper upright to catch it safely. Another advanced trick to be aware of is that if you miss your first shot on the upper playfield – no problem! You can just nudge the ball back to the flipper and try again.

Souvenirs might be worth your while on Road Show, as they give bonuses to the main modes. Try for the skillshot — which gives you one for free — or trade in some of your points in Bob’s Souvenir Bunker. If you’re having trouble landing that shot on the Blast Targets, you can trap the ball on the flipper adjacent to them for a short time to aim your shot better.

Hurricane rewards consistent ramp shots, so if you get into the rhythm of shooting the middle ramp, you will shoot to the top of the leaderboards. Same goes for the Hurricane ramp on the right, you can rake in big millions as the game gives you back the ball to make the next shot instantly.  

You can try these tricks out right now in Williams Pinball Volume 4 now available PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also individually on Google Play today. iOS App Store version will arrive shortly!