Dear Adventurers!

The final entry to our Dev Diary series takes you to the roots of the game design and level building of Operencia: The Stolen Sun. Expect a lot of never-before-seen early development footage in this one!

At 0:22 – 0:55  Lead Designer Ferenc Nagy-Szakáll shares his first sketches of the grid-based levels. And at 6:15, he expresses his fear of artists building 3D topography of the 2D maps he designed. (It worked out in the end!)

Starting at the 2:06 mark, 3D Artists Tamas Csige and Csaba Vekony give you the scoop on how they created living, breathing levels out of concept art, plus taking a tile-based movement system out of the dungeon and expanding it to the great outdoors, under an open sky. 

We are just a few weeks away from Operencia releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. On March 31, step into our world of magic, fantasy rat soldiers, frog kings, warriors, thieves, castle builders, copper automatons, and mask-wearing burly men in fur.

The Operencia Team