All Aboard The ‘Hope’! Dread Nautical Now Available On Consoles and PC!

H.M.S. Hope – Emergency Protocol – Passenger Instructions

Due to recent events, our staff urges you to adhere to these instructions starting right now.

1.1. Get Dread Nautical

  • Proceed calmly to your platform store of choice
  • Download the game
Dread Nautical

1.2. Start playing

  • Pick your difficulty setting – Easy, Hard or Insane – watch out Insane will be indeed… insane
  • Assume the role of one of four unlikely survivors
    • Fargo, personal investigator who’s too old for this ****
    • Mirage, a lounge singer who’s not going down with this ship
    • Hatano, a katana-wielding badass with a troubled past
    • Vi, a young gamer who will need to grow up fast

1.3 Escape this ‘vacation’ alive

  • Take part in our involuntary ship-wide activity – unraveling the mystery of the Hope and escaping alive which includes:
    • Fighting off monsters in an orderly manner
    • Making use of the refreshments to avoid starvation… unfortunately, our staff is not able to serve these at this point
    • Socializing with – surviving – guests and organizing a capable party
    • Making use of everyone’s skills and plan out your next move
  • Oh… And expect to die. A lot.

Hope staff is not responsible for events of injury or death. Have a great vacation and enjoy your stay. Thank you for choosing the Hope to travel to another dimension. 

Dread Nautical arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam today! Play this tactical-RPG with roguelike elements and Lovecraftian themes now!

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