Remember how our Operencia: The Stolen Sun was acclaimed for modernizing the old-school dungeon crawler RPG? We take that modernization one step further when the game arrives on Oculus, PS VR, and Steam VR soon!

Harkening back to classics from the early days of RPGs, Operencia’s grid-based movement and turn-based combat feel right at home on your VR device – friendly to play sessions lasting mere minutes or several hours. Move your head to look all around you, as you guide a team of memorable heroes through an immersive world inspired by Central European mythology. Breathtaking scenery awaits — from an enchanted sunken castle to a forest made of copper – even the Tomb of Attila himself. The VR visuals are simply unmatched by other classic RPGs, and you won’t find many other VR games that can last up to 30 hours to complete. 

Of course, Operencia is currently available with no VR on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, GOG, and the Epic Game store.

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