Hi, Pinball fans!

Williams Pinball Vol. 6 is coming soon!

Since we started creating Williams tables, we’ve done the fan favorites and a few dot-matrix games (e.g. Black Rose and Attack from Mars). Now it’s time to go back in time and bring you some alphanumeric classics! A simpler time where displays only gave you scores and a few short instructions. 

We are very happy to finally show you the 3 new additions:

FunHouse, a much-requested favorite from Pat Lawlor
Dr. Dude, a zany, crazy, fun-filled party table
Space Station, a stone-cold classic 1987 old-timer, jam-packed with stuff to do

If you haven’t checked out the trailer above, now’s the time! Over the years we had the pleasure to collaborate with the amazing creators surrounding the pinball world and they have joined us today to hype you up for the new pack! Huge thanks to Deadflip, The Blahcade Podcast, RB Flip France, Rudysoup, The Crow Continuum, Spacies Arcade.

Buckle up — the new pack arrives soon!

The Zen Team