We are extremely happy to share this news with you. There is a lot of information to cover here. So buckle up.

CastleStorm II arrives September 23!

Our classic projectile-warfare, castle crashing game combines with a new 4X kingdom management layer to bring you 2 epic story campaigns of knights, sorcerers, undead and… Zombie Sheep (baah-rains!).

After an epic cataclysm crumbles the very fabric of the world, Sir Gavin scrambles to rally the kingdom, or all might be lost. On the other side, the most badass princess of Lucifer ((adopted!)) will make a name for herself – and we pity those who get in her way. 

You can preorder CastleStorm II for 10% off starting today on Nintendo Switch & Epic Games Store. Xbox pre-orders start on September 15.

Either you want to clobber monsters in couch-arcade with your bud, or master unit and projectile strategy it is better to do it if you get a good deal.

If you’re not convinced, you can go ahead and give the Epic Games Store demo a try right now! 

After the very successful demo period in June (a huge thank you to our DISCORD HEROES!) we’ve decided to let even more people experience a taste of CastleStorm II. Play a snippet of the Kingdom Campaign and battle your way through a kingdom on the edge!

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