CastleStorm II arrived and it crashes into your gaming system too!

Get the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or the Epic Games Store!

We’ve worked tirelessly to create the perfect sequel to our beloved 2013 classic, finding the balance with old & the new in both features and characters alike. Starting at the intricate 4X strategy layer we have engineered on top of the destruction through the more expansive story.

When you left Sir Gavin, he just proved himself as a young hero to the Kingdom. Now he is a seasoned hero – you can, of course, see that right away because of his beard – of the realm, ready to face any threat that comes – and boy, oh boy, threats will come!

But for those who never outgrew their goth years, the forces of the Undead lead by Luna, the Vampire Princess will offer a host of new spells, heroes, and units to release mayhem with!

Join the fray today, ready your catapults, and bloody the battlefield!

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