For many of the people on our team, games were a refuge. Whether we got lost in the glittering lights of a pinball table or immersed ourselves in a dungeon crawl, games were always there for us. That passion has carried over into our work, but we haven’t forgotten what games did for us growing up.

That appreciation for the power of games is what makes us love Project Pinball.

Project Pinball is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing pinball machines to Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the United States. That means that children and their families have access to a much-needed escape during some of the most challenging times of their lives. And, because Project Pinball also commits to maintaining those machines, that escape is always available.

Introducing “For the Joy of Pinball”

With Dread Nautical coming to Steam, we saw an opportunity to use our work in games to help children in need, so we’re excited to introduce our “For the Love of Pinball” campaign.

Here’s how it works:

  • The campaign will run from Oct. 28 through Oct. 30
  • Our goal is to raise $8,500, the cost of a new pinball machine (including ongoing maintenance) for a Children’s Hospital in North Carolina
  • Pinball players and RPG players are welcome to participate, playing a Zen pinball title or Dread Nautical on stream to fundraise for Project Pinball
  • We are raffling off a choice between an Elgato Stream Deck and an Elgato Key Light Air to streamers who participate (one raffle is a pool of all participating streamers; the other raffle is a pool where each $1 raised counts as an entry)
  • Zen Studios is donating a portion of Dread Nautical games sales tied to this campaign

If you’re a streamer, whether you’re big or small, whether you play pinball or RPGs, we’d love to have your help in supporting this great cause.

Sign up today!