Hi Pinfans! 

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we are working on a ‘The Mandalorian’ themed pinball table. We are also celebrating with a big sale event for Star Wars packs so check the list below!

The brand new table inspired by The Mandalorian features story-based missions following events of the first season that can be played in any order. Players will experience the game from the perspective of the Mandalorian himself, and the table is set in the cargo hold of the Razor Crest. 

The table brings the Mandalorian, the Child, and IG-11 to life on the table as 3D characters, and features 3D objects such as the Razor Crest, Moff Gideon’s outland TIE fighter, and the AT-ST seen in “Chapter 4: Sanctuary.”

The Mandalorian-themed pinball table is expected to release in Spring 2021.

To celebrate, we have big sales going on throughout our Star Wars Pinball library!

Although it is Halloween soon, it is never out of season to play Star Wars!