Halloween has become a special moment for gamers. For the month of October, players around the world put aside their usual gaming preferences and slash and creep their way through a wide variety of spooky and terrifying titles. If you’re a player that loves to celebrate Halloween behind a keyboard or with a controller in hand, we’re with you. In between development, we’re sneaking off to replay Silent Hill or dreaming of our annual Nightmare on Elm Street rewatch.

On top of our individual Halloween rituals, we’re celebrating the season with Dread Nautical in three big ways:

  1. The Steam launch of Dread Nautical.

Already available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Epic, we’re rolling out the Steam release to give more players the chance to board the cruise ship Hope and battle a slew of Lovecraftian horrors. You can get Dread Nautical with a 40% discount now through the end of the Steam Halloween sale, so act quick! Buy it now! 

  1. Fundraising for Project Pinball.

Project Pinball is aiming to place a pinball machine in a North Carolina Children’s Hospital before the year ends. We’re hosting a cross-genre fundraiser with pinball players and with RPGers, and we’re donating a portion of Dread Nautical sales purchased through this event. We’re working our way toward our goal, and any support you can provide would go a long way toward bringing the joy of pinball to children facing big challenges. Learn more at our Tiltify page.

  1. Our creative team gets spooky.

The theme of Dread Nautical is driven by an evil force leaking in from another dimension, so we’ve run with that idea, looking beyond the game itself to inject some more spook into our work. We carved a Dread Nautical pumpkin. We played with what it was like to have a Lovecraftian Instagram, and we parodied a famous piece of film that also featured a cruise ship. Roguelikes are the ultimate expression of “my heart will go on,” right?

How are you using video games to celebrate Halloween? We’d love to hear your stories!