Your new favorite sport-type-thing, Disco Dodgeball Remix offers up a crazily intense mix of arena-based first-person shooter and classic dodgeball—all played by killer robots whose lethality is only surpassed by their charm.

Combatants one-hit kill their opponents with physics-based precision, all with skateboard-style movement set to a neon-drenched dance-club aesthetic. Players throw glowing dodgeballs at each other and complete objectives in team-based or free-for-all modes, using a variety of powerups and showboat aerial trick-shots to score extra points.

Product Information

• Revamped user interface
• Huge selection of game modes:

– Classic PvP: Deathmatch and Elimination
– Objective Based: Hoops and Capture the Cube
– Single-Player Arcade: Players upgrade their robot with superpowered perks and take down bosses
– Solo and Co-Op leaderboard-based challenges

• A new level-up game progression earning 70+ new fun and wacky customizable items for your robot
• Online multiplayer with frictionless, jump-out matches and automatic hosted room creation
• 15 levels designed to combine a futuristic dance club and skate park
• High-energy soundtrack composed by talented independent artists that interact directly with the colorful arena visuals
• Monster-truck-style announcer lends his big voice to all the KOs, trick-shots and kill streaks
• Gameplay-changing powerups like Boomerang Balls and Jetpacks
• Additional features for Nintendo Switch players

– Motion control for aiming and moving for Joy-Con and Pro Controller
– HD Rumble support
– Support for 2 Joy-Con play in split-screen mode


Markiplier (1.8 million views): “This game is something else completely—and, oh man, is it fun!”
jacksepticeye (1.1 million views): “This game is awesome! I can’t believe it took me so long to play it.”
Steam reviews average out to “Very Positive.”

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